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  5. "I am hot today."

"I am hot today."

Translation:Wela au i kēia lā.

October 22, 2018



May I have an explanation of when to use the "i" in a sentence pattern. I put in "Wela au kēia lā", but I don't know the translation of using the "i".


i = in, at, on

In this particular instance, the fragment: i kēia lā means "today" (literally: in this day).


'Ae / Yes to what AlanAbonyi said. To expand upon that, "today" in that sentence is not the subject. Thus, it needs to have the untranslated preposition " i " before it.


Since DL is introducing weather terms as relating to individuals, I must ask - can "wela" have the same double meaning of hot as "sexy" as well as "raised temperature?"

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