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Automatic weekly leaderboard for Students in a Class. Request/Suggestion.

I was setting a classroom, and while running tests, I see that students have to add other students to see each other on the leaderboard.

I feel the leaderboard is great to spur competitiveness and also to keep the kids interested in Duolingo. However, living in Japan, children privacy is big issue. So, I have to create individual accounts for the students. However adding each other to the leadership board requires the kids to have a valid e-mail to add each other on the leaderboard.

Would it be possible to add this feature in? As if they in a class together, I feel they should see each other on the leaderboard without having to add each other.

For other educators, please give me your opinion and comments, I hope this can be picked up by the Devs.

Lastly, thank you Duolingo, keep up the innovations on this awesome product.

TL/DR - Please add students automatically to each others weekly leaderboard.

October 22, 2018



The leadership board is not a fair competition, because it is based on XP.

  • in the Android App one gets extra bonus XP for making less than 5 mistakes, but this feature is neither in www.duolingo.com nor in the iOS app or Windows App.

  • one can use the "practice button" to get very easy sentences.


Fair point. Then how about an automatic weekly leaderboard? Like the one you get in a club for the entire class. The competitiveness it not to be used as a compitition. It is so they can motivate each other and stay interested.


The leaderboard in the clubs is also based on XP.


The feature you describe used to exist. Students in a classroom used to be able to select from a drop-down box next to the Leaderboard on the home page and choose from the leaderboard of those they'd followed, and leaderboards for any classrooms they were in.

I hadn't realised this feature had gone until I read your post - I suppose it must have disappeared when the site was re-written. Hopefully this feature will someday be brought back.


For other educators, please give me your opinion and comments

I would like another approach for competitions among students:

A. "Which results are really important in language learning?

B. Which results are already visible in the students' personal pages on the third party website www.duome.eu/username and www.duome.eu/username/progress

You might have a look at our personal pages in duome.eu (visible for our most recent active course in Duolingo)

I am not a language teacher, but in my experience these are the most useful measurement results:

  • words: learned/total

  • skills: learned/total

  • "skill strength %" and "spaced repetition"
    (background information in:

  • a comparison with other students in the same course,
    like in:
    with sortable columns, so that every student is both able ......

    • to win one of the weekly competitions
    • AND to excercise in the way the student really needs
      (new lessons, spaced repetition, or practising basic skills, etc.)

I would like to hear your opinion, and suggestions for improvements.

Small edit.


I think those are good and interesting improvements.

My main goal is to keep them competing with each other, but I like the your idea of better benchmarks for them to compete in. I'm not using this to teach, but more as a supplement to the current curriculum that the students are doing.

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