"The month of February is short."

Translation:फ़रवरी का महीना छोटा होता है।

October 22, 2018

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Is it still grammatically valid if I forget होता?


Yes. It's right. You use होता when you are making generalizations or talking about universal facts. So, it is appropriate in this sentence.

However, even without the होता, it is still a grammatically valid sentence (when you are talking about a particular February for instance). Eg: इस महीने का बिल कम क्यों है? (Why is this month's bill low) क्योंकि फरवरी का महीना छोटा है (It's because the month of February is short)


I got the point for it but I'm not sure I should have.


this construction seems like the opposite of what it should be. Can someone explain the grammatical sense of having it as "February of the month" rather than "the month of February"? Does this construction apply in other cases or mostly just months?


the dog of Sarah = Sarah's dog = Sarah ka kutta

the month of March = March's month = March ka mahina


Thank you. This cleared it up for me.


'फ़रवरी का महीना' translates to "the month of February" not "February of the month".

English uses prepositions which precede the object. So, 'February' is the object of the preposition 'of'. On the other hand, Hindi uses postpositions which follow the object making 'फ़रवरी' the object of the postposition 'का'.

Eg: The queen of England - इंग्लैंड की रानी


Why do we need the "का" in all of these months stuff? Why can't we say 'Fevrary ek chotha mahina hai'? Secondly can someone please explain the होता part. I don't get how to use that word.


it's because the english sentence isn't "february is a short month". duo is asking for a more literal translation. for your second question — it's the habitual tense. it's used for things that are fact and don't really change, like "dogs are animals" and "the sky is blue".


Would it also be possible to say फ़रवरी छोटा होता है ?


Yes. It translates to "February is short". However, since फ़रवरी is feminine, it should be फ़रवरी छोटी होती है


What is the difference between farivary ka mahina chota hai! and farivary ka mahina chota hota hai!


छोटा है would seem like you are talking about this February only, while होता है is for all the months of February. होता is used for generalizations or universal truths, though both are grammatically correct.

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