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"Lui avrebbe bisogno di andare in biblioteca."

Translation:He would need to go to the library.

May 9, 2014



Why would I use "in" instead of "alla" here?


In Italian is used in in the case that the function of a place was important and not the real place.

Lui avrebbe bisogno di andare in biblioteca. (In this case it's equal in which library he goes.. it refers only to a place with a lot of books and the function: library)

Lui va alla biblioteca che si trova vicino a casa sua. (In this case it's a specific library and so it's used "alla")

It's the same with chiesa.

Vado in chiesa (function is important)

Vado alla chiesa che si trova vicino a casa mia. (specific place)


Grazie; this is info that I have not seen or heard anywhere else. Thanks for taking the time to explain it!


Ok ....so why "the" library and not "a" library? Not accepted 20/4/18.


Still not accepted 25/06/20


Names which end with: _ia or _teca Need (in) when you want to go to any of them and when translate it to english you use : to the Example : Io vado in macelleria ---------> I go to the Butcher's shop Io vado in biblioteca -----------> I go to the library


He would have to go to the library. Why is this wrong? You need to go or have to go is the same in English.


Same question here. Reported.

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