"My name is Kaʻiulani."

Translation:ʻO Kaʻiulani koʻu inoa.

October 22, 2018

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How do you pronounce this sentence?


Itʻs hard to represent Hawaiian sounds without using the international phonetic alphabet. Hereʻs a rough equivalent.

  • a = father
  • i = eat
  • o = nope
  • u = rude

The okina (looks like an apostrophe) is a quick break in your voice, like when saying "uh-oh". When an okina is placed in front of a vowel, you start pronouncing it abruptly (like the -oh in uh-oh).
ʻO Kaʻiulani koʻu inoa = -oh Kah-iyulanee koh-u eenoah


thanks! i've been having a hard time pronouncing the okina when it's at the beginning of words, and that is helpful ! :)


I also don't understand the difference between ko'u and kou


ko'u = my // kou = your (singular you)

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    I tried "'O ko'u inoa 'o Ka'iulani" because that is the sentence order DL gave me (My name is ...). I thought 'O has to precede the subject noun with or without a possessive (ko'u). Can someone say if my sentence actually wrong, or simply not the preferred format? Mahalo.


    It is grammatically correct, but if you have a proper name or pronoun, that usually goes first in an 'O... sentence.

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      Mahalo Lee572284


      Wouldnt it be easier just to say o kaiulani au or kaiulani au?


      You would not say Kaiulani au. If anything you could say ‘O Ka‘iulani au which means I am Ka‘iulani. Nevertheless, usage of the words ko‘u inoa (my name) increases vocabulary and helps delineate the o-class vs a-class possessives.


      I don't know what Hawaiian teachers wrote this. But i have never said O' before my name


      The writers are Kamehameha schools teachers, Ekela Kaniaupio-Crozier who also did the Kulaiwi video series from the 1990s, and others. I would think there are no teachers of Hawaiian language who teach a person to say his or her name in Hawaiian as Ka‘iulani ko'u inoa instead of ‘O Kaiulani ko‘u inoa.


      so helpful! You get a Lingot !! :-)


      Can you explain what the "O" means or how it helps? Not trying to challenge, just understand.


      In this case the word ‘O is used in a verbless sentence to start the sentence before a definite noun (the, this, my, etc.) or a proper noun. It has no meaning in English, but it is needed.


      Where os the pronoun?


      There is no pronoun in both the English and Hawaiian. There is the possessive adjective, though. ko'u = my


      when is Ko'u used and when is kou used


      ko'u = my // kou = your (singular you)

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