Translation:My maternal grandpa

October 22, 2018

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I do have one question to consider. It was common practice among some Native American tribes to adopt infants from conquered rival tribes. My question: Do the adopted children Also use these phrases- even though they are not blood related? Would they also say, "My maternal/paternal relative?" Thanks


So im Navajo and our culture is a little bit strict about the way you pronounce things, but i guess that could happen. It really depends if the family is strictly traditional or is they are not so strict about it.


Ok this is a bit ridiculous. "my maternal grandad" should be accepted, so should "my mother's father". Quite frankly they jumped the gun by putting that course in beta.


It IS in beta, as you said, so naturally it's not ready. Offer constructive criticism so they can improve it, or wait until it is officially released if it bothers you.


also: sometimes it allows you to leave out maternal -- but other times it marks you wrong -- be consistent

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