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Earning Badges on Duolingo

I wondered if Duolingo could have extra achievements like: WHOLE SITE ACHIEVEMENTS 1. Achieve 10, 20,30,40,50 Skills (100,200,300 and so forth) 2. Learn 100,500,1000 Words (100,500 and 1000 Points) 3. Translate 100 Sentences (250 Points) SINGLE SKILL ACHIEVEMENTS 1. Review all the words in the exercise 3 times (No Points Achieved) 2. Use a word in the exercise in a translation (25 Extra Points) Please tell me what you think.

April 2, 2013



Interesting ideas! We'd like to offer more ways for a community member to share his/her accomplishments. Thanks for the suggestions.


Can i only earn badges on mobile? I fully did bubble set of lessons complete with quiz and got absolutely none wrong and i didn't earn the badge for it, but i did it on the computer so maybe that is why?

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Yeah, this could be fun, like Playstation trophies.


I know, it is to motivate people to keep going and for more people to come on Duo.


Mi piace! I say that's a nice little reward system! :) Please consider it!


An achievement system would be nice so there is more motivation besides the daily coin thing.


PLEASEpleasePLEASE do this - Big trophies/badges that can be displayed on your profile.

Some suggestions:

50/75/100 questions without losing a heart

1 week streak / 1 month streak

500 lingots/5000 lingots

A trophy/badge for each language

A trophy/badge for all languages. Like...a crazy huge badge because that's nuts.

A badge for participating in the Incubator.

Just those sort of things.


I would love that!!!


Khan Academy does something like this. I'm not sure how much it would really matter to adults, but watching kids use that site, they are quite motivated by the badges.


Yeah, they have about hundred badges and some can be earned multiple times, so you're drowning in them pretty fast. Not sure if that's the best approach, since they lose on value, but it may be ok for their younger target audience.


Great suggestion. Other badges could be for (temporarily) being one of the top 20 translators in your language, top 10, top 5, top 1. Similar to the little box on the side of the translation page.


Sounds promising, some more ideas for achievements: - earned skill points 1,2...x days in a row - earned at least 100 skill points on 1,2...x days in total - have 10, 50...x learned words with at least good word strength - have all learned words on at least good word strength - reviewed all learned words this week - more?


That would be cool


Why hasn't this happened!? This would be amazing!


Does that mean "Hello, how are you?" ?

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