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How are you liking Hawaiian so far

As it has had a magnificent and successful release, what do you think about it?

October 22, 2018



I am very happy to have material to supplement “Nā Kai ʻEwalu”. There seems to be mostly useful vocabulary so far.

The Hawaiian is unfortunately super buggy even at the low levels, especially with “nā papani” (pronouns). Hawaiian needs more context to say “we”, and even mixed “kāua” and “kākou” to make “kākua” the only accepted answer for some exercises. For the “report it”, there isn’t a choice for “Your answer is simply wrong .”

The pronouns of Hawaiian are a fascinating feature of the language. I would like to see those lessons be a strength instead of silliness. The exercise “Translate ‘we’ to Hawaiian” offers “kāua” and “kākou” as the choices. One is accepted, and one is rejected. Which will work changes from question to question. Very funny. (Same with “i” and “ma” being switched around.)

Duolingo go is receptive to feedback on the beta release of Hawaiian. I’ll keep sending it, you do too, please.


It was my impression that "i" and "ma" are always interchangeable, but that one or the other is simply more common in certain expressions. With regards to kāua and kākou, I agree, the limited format of Duolingo doesnʻt allow for more nuanced explanation of the difference between the two. I revert back to Nā Kai ʻEwalu for more context.


I'm enjoying it a lot. Very excited for both Hawaiian and Navajo to be expanded.


Some sections were written more thoroughly than others. There are quite a few mistakes and/or omissions. For instance: Kona means either his or hers. In some lessons, either will be accepted in the English translation. In others, only one or the other is accepted. Also, there are a lot of inconsistencies in the use of Kaʻi, particularly in the weather section.


The inconsistency about requiring a kaʻi or not is maddening. There is no way to flag that sometimes a kaʻi is demanded and sometimes not. Same for requiring ʻoe in side imperatives and not others.


yes, looking forward to additional levels


i was looking to do Hawaiian before, im glad it came out:)


I am taking a ʻōlelo course for work. But this is so much better!


excellent we need more lessons, stories, idoms, and the whole works....poetry pela aku.


I'm really sad and disturbed about the content of the "polite expressions" lesson.
I thought it would be "please and thank you" not christian sayings.


I can’t wait for the next batch of content. I want to do more than to thank Kaleo for the meeting and tell Kaʻiulani to clean my smart grandma on this voggy day.


I like the course a lot and I struggles with it daily. However I am going mad trying to understand how to got the right word order. I think you need to explain the grammer for sentence building a bit better.


Absolutely. I canʻt wrap my head around how sentences are supposed to be structured and it feels like the course sort of expects me to already know somehow. Iʻd love for there to be a section or multiple sections on grammar and how sentences are structured.


A sentence starts with a verb. If the begining is 'a'ole, it means 'is not' so its still a verb. If it is an adjective, it means 'is adjective' so again the adj functions as a verb.

After the verb follow the subject. The part that 'is' or doing the ction


Love it. Can't wait for the expansion. The gray circles are driving me crazy.


I hope more modules are added. It would be such a shame to have this truncated course considered complete for such a beautiful and worthy laguage


If i'm to be completely honest, i'm not really the biggest fan of it so far. I'm hoping in the future it gets more justice


I haven't done very much yet, but I love it! So different from any other languages I've been learning. Once I reach my desired level in a couple of others, I'll sit down and really settle into learning it! ❛¿❛


Too much focus on Christianity. Not useful for most people getting around Hawaii.


Learning the language isn’t going to help you get around the islands any easier. Less than 2% of the population speak Hawaiian. For better or worse, the Hawaiian language is inextricably linked to Hawaiian culture. I’m not a fan of any religion, but I recognize the role it plays in Hawaiian culture and how it has crept into the language, even if via a contributor who may be overtly religious.


I grew up in Hawaii and I am kanaka maoli. Olelo Hawaii is every where in daily life.

Zero people have said these Hawaiianized Christian words to me. They just say it in English, Jesus, God bless you.

99% of the streets in Hawaii are in Hawaiian. They all could be the base of the course... as street names tell a story.


I thought it would have started similar to other languages: nouns, pronouns etc. to build on vocabulary, then move on to sentence structure. Also the answers are inconsistent. In Hawaiian there are multiple ways to say one thing and i would like to see them included as correct answers. I also hoped it would have left out the Christian influence.


I have the Hawaiian language textbooks Nā Kai ʻEwalu and one of the major lessons they stress is to not think in terms of conventional parts of speech when attempting to learn Hawaiian. The language is not structured like traditional Indo-European languages. Virtually any word in Hawaiian can be a noun, verb, adjective, or adverb depending on context and usage. I have been reporting the inconsistencies and my alternate answers are slowly being accepted. Keep in mind Hawaiian is still in Beta. There’s a long way to go until it’s fully built out.

<pre>Learning Hawaiian is pretty fun. I have aced everything. I hardly ever get a wrong answer but I´ve been learning it for about a week oe two. It´s so amazing so learning different laguages. Iḿ so thankful for this site to help me out. </pre>

When I´m at school, my friends hate me when I start talking and then talk in Hawaiian. I´ve been send to the principals office 3 times in one week because of it but I don´t care. The multiculture teacher at my school got me out of trouble everytime though because she is the one who got me into the learning different languages. She took responsibility for it, I´m thankful for her but if only the other teachers didn´t get mad. Anyway hope you people are having a good time on your learning. Good luck.


its good the only real reason i'm learning it is because my sister lives there and when i visit its hard to understand the people there.


I am learning a lot from the Hawaiian course and hope they keep building upon. it.

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