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More hearts from Lesson 30 onward

I'm on Lesson 34, and in recent Lessons I've found more and more examples of missing dictionary hints or not enough acceptable answers, or simply that many sentences (idioms) cannot be translated directly and there is a decent amount of guessing required.

I understand that Portuguese is still in Beta, and I am doing my best to report all of the above, but this can get quite frustrating and disheartening... The worst is when you go through 19 out of 20 sentences, then get the final sentence wrong and have to do the entire lesson again.

From Lesson 30 onward, I think 4 or 5 hearts would be very helpful, at least until the kinks get worked out, or some kind of feature that offsets the errors and rewards reporting them (maybe get like half of a heart back for submitting a report).

April 2, 2013



Good suggestion ;) i imagine how frustrating it can be studying on beta version.


Veeery frustrating. I have to take a long break from continuing sometimes just out of pure frustration. :/ I also like the idea you suggested, Koreatown, but I'm somewhat doubtful that it will be given much attention...the Portuguese section of the site seems a little neglected. =(


I've been thinking the same thing and I'll call it neglect from now on since I can't come up with anything that would describe the situation better. They are updating their whole system (stuff like immersion and the new layout of the tree) when the whole system isn't even ready, Portuguese is still beta!

I don't know, maybe it's the lack of experts in Portuguese but didn't they launch Italian after Portuguese? Italian has gone past the beta stage, Portuguese has not. I'm sure that the staff is working hard but it still feels a bit unfair that they are carrying out all these huge updates with new languages and immersions when there are all these smaller, but very important, parts which need fixing.

Like the Portuguese lessons from lesson 35 and onwards. I've had huge errors like a) the audio and the answer have been a whole different sentence b) the English translation and the Portuguese answer have been a whole different sentence c) No variation is accepted in the translations (on a farm - in a farm) d) The audio isn't even playing. e) There are some words missing in the correct solution. I've always reported the errors to the staff so I hope they are fixing them because otherwise I'm sure that people are thinking about quitting since it's impossible to pass the lessons when they are full of errors.


Nothing to say...ive posted on experts' stream, entered feedback. I somehow begged for answer or any comments about what has been going through.... no replies at all!!!! People doing portuguese will have to be patient....


I dunno if it will work out, but i'll post something on Luis' stream about that.... :)


Update: I am on Lessons 45 and 46, and am now thinking about quitting.


Ohhh man. Dont do that. You are doing a great while. For now you can review and strength some of the things you have learned. Dont give up man. Any help ill be here..

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