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  5. "nuqDaq 'oH 'eQway''e'?"

"nuqDaq 'oH 'eQway''e'?"

Translation:Where is the mouse?

October 22, 2018



Is 'eQway' derived from some other word?


We don't know anything about the Klingon etymology of the word. 'eQway (without the final qaghwI') means "bellybutton". way' by itself means "to parry". We don't know of any word ??'eQ??.

In real life, there is speculation that Dr. Okrand may have been creating a pun referring to the fact that a computer mouse helps you located yourself on the X and Y axes.


And the word 'eQway is presumably a reference to the main character in Kyle XY, who has no bellybutton.

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