"Her heart is big."

Translation:उसका दिल बड़ा है।

October 22, 2018

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Is it not uski thil badi hey


Both उसका and बडा denotes the gender of दिल which is masculine, and no you cannot change the gender of the subject. In hindi the nouns have gender and the sentence is formed according to the gender of the noun. This should be followed unquestionably.


Why are some sentences like these included in health considering they're mostly figurative?

I mean it can be a medical condition as well but generally it's not used as such.


This sentence does not mean that her heart is big in terms of size. It is not a medical condition.

This sentence means that she is kind hearted. It is type of an idiom.


English: Her heart is big and his heart is big is different. Look at the gender. Hindi: You can put Uska for both. Don't worry


Come onnnn.... This is confusing... I already know hindi... I just am doing it here to help me cover up some days... But im stuck in this exercise just because of confusing english grammar... Like sometimes they say : dad and mom "want" not "wants"... So here i said teeth "is" but they put it wrng cz its teeth "are"..... I don't think while learning hindi, they should care about minor english errors


Want is for plural, wants is singular

Mom wants a vacation. Mom and dad want tacos for dinner.

Is is singular, are is plural.

Mom is active in the craft community. Dad and mom are avid bird watchers.

I am learning Hindi, you are learning English. No reason we can't help each other.

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