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Assign Crown Levels to class?

Can we not assign Crown Levels to our classes? When I look at Student status, it does not even seem to show crown level? So I can see that a lesson was completed, but not what crown level.

October 22, 2018



Currently, teachers are unable to assign a specific Crown Level to a class.


Could KuropkatLe's post be treated as a feature request, please?

Also, please could we be given the ability to:

  • share a classroom between teachers
  • hand a class over to another teacher
  • import users by uploading a CSV file
  • assign reviewing a particular skill
  • assign earning XP from multiple skills (to prevent endless repetition of the first lesson of the first skill)
  • assign the strengthening / golding of a skill
  • assign golding the tree, or getting the tree gold a set number of days in a row
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