De rien

Formal or informal? When do i use it?

October 22, 2018

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when somebody tells you "merci", you can answer "de rien" as you would answer "you're welcome" in English.

Hey ! it have no type , We use it when someone say 'Merci' De rien have the same meaning of 'no problem' or 'with pleasure'

Hi leCommune, just so for you know: « commune » is a noun feminine singular, it is necessary to write an article feminine singular on front of « LA commune. »

I tried, but they said someone already had that name so i went with le

Hello! " C' est moi" , "je vous en prie" , " il n' y a pas de quoi", " merci à vous" are another possibilities.

C'est moi et merci à vous sont quand même très rares

De rien is considered informal in my books (I am a teacher of French as a foreign language), je t'en prie/je vous en prie is more formal.

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