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"Ptáme se čtyřiceti dvou matek."

Translation:We are asking forty-two mothers.

October 22, 2018



why are the numbers declined here? is ia genitive when you use ptame se?


Yes, you use genitive.


Are numbers genitive with all reflexive verbs?


No, but "ptát se" uses genitive for the person asked, ptát se někoho, to ask somebody.


Thanks for the quick reply...very helpful.


In Czech each verb requires certain delclination of the object related to it: Ptát se koho/čeho (gentive)


Tips and notes for Numbers 3 says that we keep "jedna" and "dva" fixed no matter what, and yet we have the genitive "dvou" here. What am I missing?

Also, if the number was 41, would it have been "Ptáme se čtyřiceti jedna matek." or "... jedné matek"?


The tips and notes for Numbers 3 begin like this:

"Recall that Czech cardinal numerals from one to four behave as if they were adjectives. The counted object appears in the case appropriate for the context, and the numeral matches that case."

That is the exact opposite of "fixed no matter what", we say that "appears in the case appropriate for the context". Such appropriate case here is the genitive case and so we have the genitive "dvou".

For 41 we would either have "Ptáme se čtyřiceti jedna matek." or "Ptáme se čtyřiceti jedné matky."


What is the difference between ptát se and zeptat se?


ptát se is imperfective

zeptat se is perfective

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