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Navajo symbol?

Where does the icon used for the Navajo course come from? Does it have any particular symbolic meaning?

October 22, 2018



I looked it up because I don’t know much about it myself, It’s a pattern for a woven basket called a wedding basket. It has a lot of symbolic representation of Navajo values and beliefs:


Good question. It isn't the flag of the Navajo nation, which is pretty complex and would probably not be easily reducible to a small icon, but it is a symbol I have often seen associated with Navajo art.


The ts'aa' also known as a "wedding basket" is used within many Diné ceremonies-- with the wedding only being one time it is used.


It is a picture of a basket.


I have a handout on the meaning of every single one of those designs. It was called "k’os something" I forget but I can scan it and send it to whoever wishes to have it.

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