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  5. "I am looking for her."

"I am looking for her."

Translation:Hledám ji.

October 22, 2018



Can it also be "Hledám ni"?


No. Those "n-" forms are used with prepositions.


Doesn't "looking for" require an ni because "for" is a preposition?


No, there no preposition in Czech there. English is irrelevant and so is German, Cantonese or Swahili, Czech does not care if any of these languages does or does not use a preposition in the ewuivalent of "hledat".


I typed "jeji hledam"... besides omitting the accent mark, is that a correct sentence? I think I saw both "jeho vidim" and "vidim ho" for "I see him."

thank you


i see what you did there. JEHO is a strong version of HO. but JI does not have a sibling of that sort. JEJI does not exist. (and JEJÍ is a possessive, her/hers.) JI actually embodies the qualities of both HO and JEHO.

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