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  5. "Nové domy jsou veliké?"

"Nové domy jsou veliké?"

Translation:Are new houses large?

October 23, 2018



Could someone please lead me to a source that shows: singular nouns and their genders; singular and plural adjectives and their genders? I would like it in tabular Excel format. I simply am not understanding the ta/ten/ty/to/ty with respect to: the, this, these, that, and those. Aiuta, per favore. Grazie infinite.


BUT DON'T FORGET THAT THE PLURAL MASCULINE INANIMATE is treated as if were FEMININE! Since we don't have such a thing in English, it thoroughly confused me but once I got my head around the concept, I was able to understand what was going on much better.


It is not treated the same, it just shares some of the features.


It's ok to say "veliké"? I think is " velké"


I actually heard this as a statement and not a question. Just didn't hear the inflection at the end of the spoken sentence. But I got the same answer.


When you hear it pronounced how can you tell it is a question. Could it be "New houses are large"?


It is a known issue that many question audios have wrong intonation (like a declarative sentence). "New houses are large?" is accepted. Note that the Duolingo evaluation procedure ignores interpunction, questionmarks, exclamationmarks, quotes and so on.


"New houses are large?" je přijímáno?

Myslela jsem, že v anglické otázce se mění pořadí podmět<=>přísudek. Tady to tedy neplatí?


Ano, mění. Tohle je stejné jako v češtině, kde můžeme uělat otázku z znamovací věty přidáním otazníku.

Je on velký?

On je velký?

V angličtině je to stejné - declarative question, affirmative order.


How about "jsou nové domy veliké"?


What how about? Did you try it? What happened? Or what is your question? Please be explicit.

That is the standard question order. It is accepted.


I wrote "Are the new houses big?" and my answer was wrong.


"Are the new houses big?" is an accepted translation. If that was your exact answer -- we don't know, because we can't see it -- a grading bug may be at work. Since that's a Duo system problem, though, the course teams cannot troubleshoot it.

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