"Aloha e Kaleo."

Translation:Hello Kaleo.

October 23, 2018

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What does the word "e" mean?


E has several different meanings or uses, depending on context. In the case of Aloha e Kaleo, "e" acts as an object marker. Youʻre saying Aloha (to) Kaleo. When starting a sentence, it often indicates the start of a command, like: E Kaleo, e pani i ke kula (Hey Kaleo, close the door!)


Can kula be used to mean door? I’ve heard mainly puka, while kula meaning school or plain/open field. Wehewehe.org doesn’t have this meaning of kula.


I have never heard of kula to mean any type of door, doorway, or portal. Where did you hear that kula could mean door, please?


I haven't either, and wehewehe doesn't have it. I was responding to https://www.duolingo.com/profile/AlanAbonyi comment above where he translated "e pani i ke kula" as "close the door." I assume it was a typo/brainf@rt for "puka".


E is a Hawaiian comma


Does the audio not work on mobile?


ABOUT THE LACK OF AUDIO EXAMPLES: No, its neither a lag on your phone, nor the app Its just that the Hawaiian language is in fact indangered, thus not many people are fluent speakers. That is why the Duolingo app has few sound examples; because they havent veen developed due to the lack if "staff".


Is it true that aloha means hello and goodbye? If so, in what context would that be the case?


The prompt could be both.


I see. Thanks. :)


Does "aloha" only mean "hello" or can it also mean "hi"?? I had typed as "Hi Kaleo" and it told that as wrong


What is kaleo?


(Our Baby Namer link) http://www.ourbabynamer.com/meaning-of-Kaleo.html What does Kaleo mean?

The name Kaleo is of Hawaiian origin.

The meaning of Kaleo is "the sound, voice".

Kaleo is generally used as a boy's name.


I figured out it was a name >.< but what is the name translated to in English ?

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"It's of Hawaiian origin." That means it's not an English name translated into Hawaiian sounds.

(In other words, the English version is Kaleo, too.)


What's the difference between greetings and hello?


I think maybe you're getting bogged down on the wrong thing. It might be true that the app accepted "greetings" but not "hello" or vice versa. That should be fixed, so click the REPORT button.

The bigger question though is what does a Hawaiian word "mean". Hawaiian is not just a secret coded way to speak English. Words don't have a 1-to-1 correspondence between any two languages. This is masked from us because, in languages like Spanish or Italian, most of the time you can pretty much find such a 1-to-1 correspondence.

But Hawaiian is different. In fact, "Aloha e Kaleo" strictly means neither "hello" nor "greetings." ... "aloha" is a stative verb that expresses "love". So the sentence means literally something like "I am expressing the state of sending love to Kaleo." We wouldn't translate this literally, of course; so "hello, Kaleo" or "greetings, Kaleo" are both reasonable translations of the overall meaning of the sentence.


What dose kaleo mean?


(link for the name Kaleo) https://www.behindthename.com/name/kaleo

Gender: Masculine (a person's name)

Usage: Hawaiian

Meaning: Means "sound, voice" from Hawaiian ka "the" and leo "sound, voice".


I think its a name.


Sorry i dont don't pay attention to the writing i know the anser but i am layin person i speak Spanish and is very difficult translates the Spanish to english and then English to Hawaii language i am trying


E is a Hawaiian comma


No, "e" is a little word that indicates you're talking directly to somebody. In many languages, this is called the "vocative". It's like if we were speaking 16th century English, I might say to you "O Poppy, please come here."


OK new here. Any native speakers to tell me what e means?


It is explained above in the comments.


E is a Comma in Hawaii??


No, "e" is a little word that indicates you're talking directly to somebody. In many languages, this is called the "vocative". It's like if we were speaking 16th century English, I might say to you "O Mitchell, please come here."


you glitced me to make me get a wrong answer doulingo


Is kaleo the name of a person?


Yes. It also means, of course, “the voice” (ka leo).


I think hawwaii, [is it write that?!] it is the same what english... Yiddish... What is this?!?!?! (Don't tell me this)


Có ai là người Việt Nam không huhuhuhu


Main hai na is Sabhi languagemain hai na is Sabhi languages ismein Na Mujhe English sikhani hai aur English Dekhe To are hi nahin hai aur aapse bhi Ki Mai Kaise type kar rahe ho main type Nahin Mike mein bol rahi hoon mayke mein

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