"Your friends eat fruits."

Translation:आपके दोस्त फल खाते हैं।

October 23, 2018

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Is there a problem with तुमहारी दोस्त फल खाती हैं ? It was marked wrong.


This is a bit of a grey area. दोस्त is a male noun and was historically used to refer to a male friend. But the word is now broadened in scope to also include female friends. So, a sentence like 'तुमहारी दोस्त फल खाती है ' (Your friend (singular) eats a fruit) wouldn't cause anyone to even bat an eyelid.

However, what happens when you have a group of friends and all of them happen to be female? The noun दोस्त, being male, pluralises as दोस्त. But female nouns typically don't stay the same when pluralised. Would you then say दोस्तें by treating दोस्त as a female noun (which just sounds weird) or would you just retain दोस्त and construct the rest of the sentence by treating it as a female plural noun as you have done? There is some disagreement here. You can also sidestep the argument and use 'आपके दोस्त फल खाते हैं'।like you would for a group of friends of unspecified/mixed genders even for an exclusively female group.

That said, most people today would consider तुमहारी दोस्त फल खाती हैं to be a somewhat acceptable sentence even if the purists probably wouldn't agree.


To me that looks like it should have been accepted.


Would it be incorrect to say 'dostho'?


I believe that's the oblique form of friends (used with postpositions) in which case it would be incorrect.

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