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2000 Days of Duolingo

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Today is my 2000th continuous day on Duolingo. And...my tree is 100% golden again. I started using Duolingo when it was fairly new and I've never missed a day. Sometimes, I only did the minimum to maintain my streak and sometimes I spent hours per day on it. I want to thank Duolingo for providing one of the resources that has allowed me to progress in my quest to learn Spanish. In my opinion, no single resource will do everything. I use Duolingo along with many other things - sites on the web, books, my Kindle, language exchanges on Skype etc. In the following days, I'm going to post links to some of the tools that have been helpful to me.

Before I'm asked (jajaja), I'll post some additional answers to questions that I was asked when I hit 1000 days on Duolingo:

  1. No, I'm not fluent. For me, I think that will be a lifelong job. (I'm 72 years old at the moment.) But, I am able to speak in Spanish several times a week with people in Latin America and Spain. I do language exchanges on Skype. I will post some of my experiences with language exchanges soon.
  2. I have never used a Streak Freeze. Some days, I only did the minimum to keep my streak alive but I never missed a day.
  3. My tree is 100% golden. It took a while to get it back to 100% after all the new lessons were added but my goal was to get it back to completely gold by my 2000th day...and, I finally achieved that goal yesterday. :)
  4. Using Duolingo, for even a few minutes every day, helps to keep me motivated and, paso a paso (step by step), my Spanish is improving.

Learning a new language has been (and continues to be) a very rewarding and eye opening experience. Good luck to you on your language journey!

BTW, someone just pointed out that the days on the post only show 1,999!!! I have no idea why that is...my screen tells me that I hit the 2,000 mark this morning after I practiced for the day. :)

UPDATE: I've been informed that the Duolingo counter now shows 2,000...WTG, Duo! jajaj

October 23, 2018



Congratulations!! Your dedication and hard work has paid off!! This is a great inspiration! Here's to another 1000! :D

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Gracias. Que tengas un buen día!


Congratulations, Lyarra! It's been a pleasure following you for several years and using your constant effort as a great example (though I must admit to not being shy about using streak freezes when I need them). Thanks for the excellent suggestion, too: my new goal is to have my Spanish tree all gold once more before I hit 2000!

Best wishes as you start your way toward your next milestone.


VStarTraveler and Lyarra, I bow to you both, for your persistence, and your long learning streaks! Thank you for your inspiration!

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Gracias por tus amables palabras. And congratulations on your 1856 day streak!


Congratulations! I'm working on it. I'm at 957 myself.

1: I'm not fluent either.

2: The streak freeze has saved me a few times. Often I've just done the minimum and a few times I've just forgotten completely. Last night I almost forgot - I logged in at 11:30 PM only to realize I hadn't done my lessons yet.

3: My tree has been defoliated since the revamp last spring. Before that Spanish was done and I was working on German. I've done almost no German since then.

4: Estoy de acuerdo. It really only does take a few minutes a day and if I did spend even as much as 15 minutes a day on it, my tree would be much fuller.

If I hadn't missed a day since I first signed up I might be at 2000, but for the first couple of years I was not exactly consistent in logging in.

I wish I could see a longer history of how much I had done. I like the weekly graph, but for a while I was really pushing things and doing a lot of lessons a day and then I think I kind of got burned out a bit and just did the bare minimum.


I love the term "defoliated" when it comes to our trees! You are giving me the encouragement I needed to go and water my trees, and tend to them!

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Gracias! Congratulations on your current streak.


My trees also suffered from defoliation. I've been able to restore Spanish but am working on the others!


Congrats! ¡Enhorabuena! ¡Qué buen ejemplo, Lyarra!


Grats! I'm close to 2000 as well though I have used some streak freezes over the years. I began when English speakers could learn Spanish, Italian, German, and French, as well as Portuguese which was in beta. I'm considering letting my streak break after I reach 2000.


Wow! You are close! Why would you let your streak break? Just curious. Duo has been a nice bit of consistency for me in some tough times.

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Gracias! Congratz on your streak of 1964. :)


Congratulations Lyarra! You're an inspiration!!!!

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