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I don't want students to be able to test out

I am still having a problem when checking the completed assignments some students show as completed but it says they took a short test instead of completing the lessons. I have watched the students begin the lesson and they are not clicking on the key to test out of the skill. I want the students to have the practice of fully completing the lessons.

October 23, 2018



Hi Alessandra,

I apologize for the issues that you're facing with this. At the moment, if a skill is assigned to a student and they've already completed this skill to Level 1 in their use of Duolingo, the skill will appear as completed. This is the reason why it appears as "Tested Out".

In the next couple of weeks, fixes are coming that should make assignments work better with Crown Levels.


Nice, thank you very much. Being able to track the crown levels of students would be very nice. Being able to disable the "test out option" would also be nice.


Probably, there is a glitch in "Duolingo for schools" at the moment.
Here is another complaint and a workaround to check the right data:


Has anyone heard any update on this issue yet? It is seriously affecting at least 8 classes that I am aware of. I started the other post but after the message of "the next couple of weeks" I have not heard anything else or been able to find anything else. (Teachers at my daughter's school agree with you.)

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