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  5. "That policeman is smart."

"That policeman is smart."

Translation:Akamai kēlā mākaʻi.

October 23, 2018



Is kēlā the verb?


"Kēlā" is "that". I think "akamai" is acting like a verb here. I'm just learning, too, but that's the impression I get.


On the issue already raised, as far as I can see, there is no equivalent to to be in this kind of sentence. At least, none has appeared in any sentence of this type they have provided so far. I would also point out that the hint thing translated 'akamai' as "(is) smart".

My own question is which meaning of smart is the correct translation of 'akamai', clever or well-dressed? Context would tell us in conversation, but doesn't exist here.


If it meant well dressed, the clothes would be smart, instead of the person


The verbs to be and to have do not exist in Hawaiian.

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