When will audio be available?

As the title says, when will audio be available for this course?

Side note: it's super cool that we can learn an indigenous language here now!

2 months ago


This is exactly how I feel -- I'm so excited to be able to study Navajo. I always hoped Duolingo would offer some of the indigenous languages of North America -- but I never thought it would actually happen. (And now Hawaiian too! Awesome.) But -- it doesn't feel "real" until I'm practicing with audio too. Any guesses when that might happen? Thank you so much.

2 months ago

Totally agree with you. I'm currently watching the video about this that Derek made; it contains some of the words from the course here.

I'd love to learn Yupik on here too.

2 months ago
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it would be super cool IF there was enough material to actually learn it. With neither audio nor phonological or grammatical tips, this course isn't much more than a PR stunt...

2 months ago

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