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When will audio be available?

As the title says, when will audio be available for this course?

Side note: it's super cool that we can learn an indigenous language here now!

October 24, 2018



This is exactly how I feel -- I'm so excited to be able to study Navajo. I always hoped Duolingo would offer some of the indigenous languages of North America -- but I never thought it would actually happen. (And now Hawaiian too! Awesome.) But -- it doesn't feel "real" until I'm practicing with audio too. Any guesses when that might happen? Thank you so much.


Totally agree with you. I'm currently watching the video about this that Derek made; it contains some of the words from the course here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QhTcx9jEIY

I'd love to learn Yupik on here too.


it would be super cool IF there was enough material to actually learn it. With neither audio nor phonological or grammatical tips, this course isn't much more than a PR stunt...

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