"Langit adalah atap rumah saya."

Translation:The sky is the roof of my house.

October 24, 2018

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A fancy way of saying you're homeless.


and it's dramatic also, like something we will hear from someone enjoy wandering around the world in a film


I can't find it on Google but I knew the expression, indeed for a homeless person, a wanderer. Like the sky is my ceiling, the grass is my carpet. The trees are my pillars. Like nature is your house or castle. Could be from a book I don't remember.


This is a strange English sentence to me, like it should sound abstract but it doesn't come across poetic enough? The idea of the sky being "the ceiling of my home" seems a lot more beautiful than the sky being "the roof of my house". Maybe because people tend to look up at their ceilings?

Unless, of course, I'm misunderstanding something in the translation. Or the Indonesian sounds more poetic than the English does.


Atap (noun) : roof Ceiling (noun) : plafon

I just don’t know why the writter makes sentence like this. But you’re right, Indonesian is poetic, formal, and polite languange. And also most Indonesians are not stright to the point.


In either case there's no protection against rain. Does the sentence suggest stoic acceptance of primitive conditions, or is it just Duolingo being loony again?


so you do not have a roof-top actually...


And my head is my only house unless it rains.


Line 2 of duo's beautiful nature poem....(line 1 being the awan hitam di atas salju putih...)

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