"Čtyři měsíce neprší."

Translation:It hasn't rained for four months.

October 24, 2018

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How would this sentence change for, "It didnt rain for four months"?


There was a similar sentence, unfortunately I don't remember exactly what it was, where the Czech sentence used "už," but this one does not. Is that optional here? Would "Čtyři měsíce neprší" and "Čtyři měsíce už neprší" mean substantively different things?


"už" shows that the rain is expected.


Let's say it shows that it has been a lot of time in the mind of the speaker. But the forecast could be still completely dry.


It hasn't been raining for four months. Is it really wrong?


The native speakers I checked with said that the "not" works differently between "It has not rained for four months." (that long without rain) and "It has not been raining for four months." (the period of continuous rain has not lasted that long).

The funny thing is that without "už", "Čtyři měsíce neprší." could mean either of these. And that would suggest that the translation should be accepted.

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