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Moved to Germany, couldn't have done it without Duolingo!

Hi all! Just thought I'd share! I joined Duolingo at the end of 2014, finished the tree within probably 6 months and used it sporatically after that.

Then end of 2017 I started again, added some German movies, series and Slow German podcasts to the mix.

Beginning of this year I got a job in Germany and immigrated end of April. I have now been speaking German for 6 months and really couldn't have done it without Duolingo!

Every day I am improving.

I only speak German at work and I am in a relationship with a German man whose family and friends communicate purely in German with me. I still use Duolingo during the week because I find it to be a great tool.

It has been my dream to learn German since I was a little girl and Duolingo was an excellent beginning to make this dream come true.

I've never been happier!

October 24, 2018



That's so great! Congratulations to you! I'm working on a similar path, myself. My husband and I are in the process of moving to the UK for his work, but with Brexit looming it's looking like we'll land in Frankfurt after a year or so. Coincidentally, I started studying German two months ago for no reason at all. I have no German family or heritage - I just wanted to study a language and picked German more or less at random. How's that for providence?! I'm hoping to have a decent working knowledge of the language by the time we have to move there.

Your story is inspirational, and so encouraging. :) Well done! Also, if you can recommend any specific resources (podcasts, maybe?) , I'd be grateful.



Slow German is really great, cause it's slow and it has the text, so you can follow along. I don't use it anymore, because the speeds frustrates me, so now I just listen to normal podcasts.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCesZBmRS6IgZ3uuiB8RdX0A Get Germanized is also fun. There are quite a few slow German things and pronunciation things on youtube (like with those damn umlauts), but I can't remember specific links for that.


Very helpful! Thanks so much!


I like using Amira, a website that has multiple children’s books to read, or read along as a native speaker reads out loud. http://bit.ly/AMIRA_


Thanks for the links. I started watching the movie in the second link. Like someone else said, it's very helpful to have the German subtitles while you're watching and listening.


Isn't it? :)

Don't miss the Slow German Podcast: it's very interesting and makes listening comprehension seem really easy :)

I've still to try it, but someone also gave this links https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29375339 yesterday (slow news in a variety of languages).


Check out "The Good Place" on Netflix. It's dubbed into several languages. I've been watching with German audio and English subtitles.


I remember that a year ago I knew nothing about the German language and today I reached fluency. Duolingo was very important in my progress. Your words motivate us. Lasst uns weiter die deutsche Sprache lernen =)


umm with only duo lol


What other tools did you use to help you reach fluency? I've known bits of German since school and have spent time around german friends which always helps. I've been using Duolingo on and off for years but this is the first time that I have decided I really want to make it count. I would love to be "fluent" in a year or so but thought that would be unrealistic alongside work. As you have managed it in a year I would love to know what you did.


Really awesome to read these kind of success stories! Mine is still in progress.... Have job offer in Austria, waiting for the work visa. Hope to get your level when I'm there after a few months :-)


That's awesome! Congratulations! I would like you to think of, and to consider your "success" and " Your Dream Come Through" story as the result of your very own persistent work, and your own passion which you followed at the first place. Duolingo has been one the many vehicles to eventually take you there where your heart and your passion were guiding you. Best of luck with your other dreams!


You're living your dreams! I'm so happy for you :D


Sehr gut gemacht! Danke für die Inspiration!


You are so lucky to live in Germany. I lived there for over a year but due to research funding (I am a scientist) I had to leave and go to a country with funding. I will go back one day, because it's great! The people are awesome :)


Wow. That's awesome, wonderful job!! Very inspirational story!!


You're amazing! Hope all your other dreams come true :-)

At the moment I'm reading Harry Potter series in German and it's moving me slowly, really slowly to my language goal. I've already learned English somehow. German is another target. (Although I'm also learning Italian due to my December trip.)


That's wonderful!


Thanks for sharing.


This really gives me hope :D


That's amazing wish you all the best.


You really inspired me to continue. I also want to move to Deutschland to wish you the best.


Thank you for inspire me. ^ ^


That's fantastic! I've been studying German on Duolingo for about six months, and I am trying to get a temporary work assignment to Germany so I can really learn!


wish u best of luck in ur life


Wonderful. Congratulations and good luck.


congratulations in so many different albeit related achievements :)


That's fantastic! At this moment I am at a baby level of German, and this gives me a lot of inspiration to try to chip away at it each day. I'm happy for you. :)


@SpongeOver, congrats on your move! I wish you the best as you settle in your job in Germany. I am so glad you have finally got your dream come true. Thanks for posting this and best wishes!


Congrats, one day i will learn that language too




Gut gemacht. It's always great to see success stories so we know that it can be done given enough time.


This is such a cool story. Thank you for bringing it back to the community!


Das ist fantastisch! Was ist deine Muttersprache? Hast du schon mal Deutsch gelernt?


Meine Muttersprache ist Englisch und Afrikaans. Ich habe erst mit Duolingo angefangen, Deutsch zu lernen.


Any good slow german podcasts you would recommend? Thanks!



Slow German is the name of a really good slow German podcast. :)


Thank you! It’s amazing!


Slow German anyday, this woman is great.

And if you have an interest in the news

Viel Glück!


Great job, I've also always wanted to go to Germany!!!


That's awesome! German was the first language I wanted to learn when I joined, I thought a useful language would do. I started learning German from that day on and I really enjoyed it. I cannot be happier that I have a chance to learn different languages. Duolingo has been a wonderful experience for me. Your story is inspirational for everyone. Thanks for sharing it with us!


That's pretty awesome!


Great to hear this. Inspirational. All the best!


Herzlichen Gluckwunsch!


congratulations wunderbar ! Hope you have a great time over there ! all the best !


Thats so fun!!! I live in Germany too!


That's great! May I ask what is your nationality?


Well done - may I ask what your native language is?


My native languages are English and Afrikaans. My father is English and my mother Afrikaans, so learnt both at the same time.


Has your Afrikaans helped you with German?


It has definitelly helped with sentence structures. Sometimes while I'm talking, and I don't know a word, I take an Afrikaans word and make it sound German. Sometimes it helps. But mostly it's a completely different language. :)


Thanks for the response :) Have a lingot! :)

Hamba gahle and sterkte ;)


Entschuldigung, wenn mein Deutsch nicht sehr gut ist, habe ich Deutsch irgendwelche Tipes geübt


Congratulations Spongeover


Es freut mich sehr dass du diesen Erfolg hast und es motiviert mich auch weiterzumachen.


Way to go! I am not learning German, but you have a great story that any language learner can benefit from. Very inspiring! My dream has been to move to Spain, and although I practice every day I still have made the leap. I'm happy to hear that at least someone has... bien hecho (well done)!


Mach zo weiter. Und das Goethe Institut hat auch ausgezeichnete Hillsmittel. Schau mal nach!


hi Repelsteeltje wie kann man nur soviele sprachen auf Level 25 haben ? Es ist unglaublich (demütigend :-) ) toll wenn man sowas sich erarbeitet oder hineingeboren oder sonst wie erlernt hat bin mehr als beeindruckt . Lg


Happy for you! Your hard work paid off in the end. :)


Really glad to hear this, I hope to be able to listen to and speak fluent German one day!


Your story will actually encourage newcomers like us. Thank you for sharing!


That is so amazing! So glad to hear.


this is great news i want to do this someday


That's wonderful! Best wishes for you!


Toll, I was in Germany this summer and Duolingo helped me, as well. Could you please tell me which podcasts you found to be helpful. Danke.


Now that I am reading through the posts I see several.


Hallo Sponge over ich freue mich für dich und es motiviert mich auch weiterzumachen und immer besser zu werden lg Harald


Welcome to Germany and congratulations you were able to make your dream come true!


Congrats! You're an inspiration! I'm working on doing this, too!


I am inspired by you! I am studying Spanish on Duolingo now but I may add German too because my former German foreign exchange student is coming for a visit this year.


Same path here. Always wanted to learn German, at least since I was 16. That's 30 years ago. But the best progress I made is since I started using Duolingo. I'm not that good, but at least can help my kids with their German homework, and, yes, speak a couple of sentences. Need more of the same. Unfortunately, some of us are too old to move freely.


Sehr nett! Wo im Deutschland wohen sie? Ich woht im Berlin im Mai-Juli 2012. Ich studieren fur ein paar monte bei Friei Universitat im college, und fur ein paar woche im April 2011 und Mai 2014. Ich vermisse es jede tag!


Wow, what a beautiful and inspiring story, congratulations!

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