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  5. "यह मार्च का पहला हफ़्ता है ।"

"यह मार्च का पहला हफ़्ता है "

Translation:This is the first week of March.

October 24, 2018



Just as natural to say “the first week in March."


“in” is marked wrong


The sentence basically says "This is March's first week".

I think that's why Duo insists on "of"… so you're not confused into thinking the postposition "ka" means "in".

I think this because I just spent ages trying to get my head around how the sentence must be structured with it meaning "in". But as soon as I realised it's actually just the usual possessive "ka," it all suddenly made sense.

I'm glad they only allowed "of March". It helped me a lot.


Can u tell me the rule of the


"... first week in March" should be accepted too

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