"Perempuan itu disertai oleh anaknya."

Translation:That woman is accompanied by her child.

October 24, 2018

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I would say "didampingi" would be a better translation for "accompanied by".


I just realized that "perempuan" is a "per--an" noun. What does the "empu" part mean?


Even though it looks like a PE-AN noun there is no base word given by IndiDic, which usually gives all of the derivatives of a word. I guess this means that either it is either a coincidence, or a result of how the language / word developed over time. Good observation, though. :)


Hihihi....this is the first time someone is making the link between the word "perempuan" and the "per-an" affix.
I've never thought of it that way.
I'm afraid I have to disappoint you, because "perempuan" is not an affixed noun.
"perempuan" is a base word.

"empu" is also a base word, but it's not related to "perempuan".

empu2/em·pu/ n
hulu; kepala;
-- jari ibu jari; jempol (tangan atau kaki);
-- kaki jari kaki yang terbesar;
-- tangan jempol tangan

"empu" = "hulu", "kepala" = "head"
The dictionary also lists the use of this word as a compound noun:
empu jari, empu kaki, empu tangan ==> literally the head of the finger/foot/hand ==> thumb (hand), big toe (foot).

"empu" can have another meaning:

empu1/em·pu/ kl n
1 gelar kehormatan yang berarti "tuan";
2 orang yang sangat ahli (terutama ahli membuat keris);

The dictionary uses this 'kl' notation (Melayu Klasik), meaning it's used in the classical way (nowadays rarely used like that).
The first definition : It's a title (honorific ?) like "Sir".
The second definition : An expert (mainly an expert in making 'keris').

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