an idea

hey guys, it's Nina, what do you think we open a group on Messenger to learn English mine is : Sofi Nina i'll send the link later see ya ♥

October 24, 2018

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    hey, whatsup?! thanks for your comment ♥

    hey guys, how are ya ?! hope you're doing okey, here's my facebook account ( the link ) - contact me on messenger 'cause i won't accept any of the invitations, thank you ♥

    I have not seen any pages of your own

    Give me your Facebook account to set up the group

    hi Fadi, it's Nina, how are u doing?, thanks for your comment

    we will make a whatsapp or fb messenger group to chat about our language improvement and how to get better in our secondary lang

    yes that is good idea

    Ok great idea i tink

    How i can find you in facebook?

    English speakers it is WhatsApp group for learning & practice English language , We have rules , You can join us at

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