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Dots missing in course progress

Under the course progress option, the green completion dots are missing from a handful of my students in each class. Any thoughts?

October 24, 2018



I'd like to look into this further.

Please send an e-mail to teachers@duolingo.com and provide a screenshot of the issue.


I just sent an e-mail with a screenshot. Thanks for helping out!


I am having the same problem. I cannot see any progress bein made for my students. Students who completed lessons are showing up as blank. Is this being worked on? Any progress being made on this? I have no way of grading my students without this information.


I do have the same problem!!!!


I'm having the same problem


Same problem here!


This should be fixed now... thanks!


I'm having the same problem. Kids are working on it. I want to be able to see a number in the green column to quickly check that they are keeping up.


I'm having this problem too -all 12 of my students' progress shows they've only completed "basics 1" and one other skill but if you go to each of their activity logs, it shows they've all completed significantly more than that -I emailed Duolingo and sent screen shots, but have heard nothing back....


I've learned that if the students log back in to their app then it refreshes their dots.


Thank you! I asked my one student to do this, and he said it didn't change anything -it may be unique to him, but I'm not sure.

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