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Notice something different with your tree?

We are excited to let you know that we’re starting to migrate all Duolingo accounts to the new way of tracking progress that was announced a few weeks ago: http://duolingo.com/#/comment/180620

Many of you won’t notice any difference because most of the accounts created in the last two months were automatically updated during sign up. However, if you signed up before February, you will most likely see a change in your tree. Here are the improvements we’ve made:

A better way to keep track of your progress

It’s easy to forget the material in all the skills you’ve “mastered” when you don’t practice. That’s why we’re rolling out a new way to help you track your learning better.

Now, instead of a progress bar on each skill in the tree, you’ll see the average word strength of all the words in that skill (which goes down over time when you don't practice these words!). Also, instead of seeing hearts in the notebooks once you’ve finished a lesson you’ll see a ‘strength bar’ that shows your average word strength. At a glance, you’ll be able to see what your weakest skills and lessons are and be able to practice them. The more you practice your weakest words, the more complete the bar will become, and the better you’ll know the language.

One thing to mention is that if your account is being migrated, some of your beautifully golden "mastered" skills may turn out to have less than perfect word strengths. Even though this may affect your sense of past completion, it’s a far more accurate reflection of what you actually know in the language. We hope this will help you better understand your progress.

Real-world translations

One of the main goals of learning a language is being able to apply it to real-world materials. We want the real-world content to fit naturally into the learning process, so we are testing different ways for learners to access it.

Rather than seeing real-world documents inside each skill, where they did not always match the skill you were learning, we are trying different approaches of where you come across them. You can always go to them using the tab in the top bar.

These updates have been tested with hundreds of thousands of you, and we believe they will make the language learning experience much better. We’ll continue to make improvements and keep you in the loop the entire way :)

April 2, 2013


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Thank you Duolingo for your time and effort put into this.


Funny how your comment has more upvotes than the post itself :)


I really like the way this tree works, but I find it a little annoying that I have to practice skills to keeps the little gold bars from going away! DON'T LEAVE ME, LITTLE GOLD BARS!!!


I definitely "cheated" to fill some bars all the way up . . . glad to have a way to go practice for real!


I can't see them in the Android app, what bars! :O


I strongly agree with you. ^^


I disagree. I mastered many skills a few months ago and haven't seen them come up again. I decided to go back to my mastered skills and see what I could do and I kept failing. Always practicing what you already know is a great idea in my opinion.


i agree....this is a better way to know where u truly stand.............


I did the same thing and the old saying applies - "use it or lose it", n'est-ce pas?


The site got even better. Thank you for working continually on improving it.


I will get used to the new tree, but I miss certain features a lot, such as the ability to practice my weakest words in a given category without having to click on a particular lesson. I miss the hearts that indicated where I needed to review. Most especially, I am frustrated by receiving an automatic four gold bars when I have barely been introduced to new words. This is a really negative change, and I hope it is just bug that you will be able to address very soon. There is no way for me to know whether the program will actually show three, two, or one bars when time has passed and my retention might have slipped. I know you intend for that to happen, but given the unearned automatic four bars now on everything, including new words, I am less than optimistic right now. I have really enjoyed Duolingo up until today, and I have only skipped three days in the past 89.


I think I found a way to practice the weakest words in a category. Click on the desired part of the skill tree, e.g., "Conjunctions." On the right, toward the bottom, there is this link: → View full vocabulary from Conjunctions. After you click on that link, there is a blue button to the right that allows you to practice your weakest words. If you want to practice your weakest words from a particular lesson, click on one of the lesson links below.


yeah, that's my only complain for now, getting full knowledge just for completing the lesson most of the is not realistic, cause u don't really master words just in 1 lesson.


I am also a big confused on the automatic full gold bar and mastering of the lesson, when I have barely practiced it. It seems like there should still be a default of 2-3 practices needed to pass. Though I did notice that words from the past sessions came up more frequently, so it wasn't like they were gone once I mastered the lesson but keep coming up to keep the practice of them while I move onto other skills. Maybe that is the concept?


Thanks Duo! I also love the new graphics, pretty sweet!


Yes, the graphics designer is really Duolingo's treasure.


I have a few comments about the new design...they are worries I've had since the day it was announced that a new system was going to be put in place. I know you're meant to try it out, and change is not always something easy to accept at first, but I hope my feedback will be helpful to the staff. Know that I mean no offense and it is meant to be constructive criticism and sincere opinion.

One thing that definitely irks me are the lowering golden bars. I know it was done to motivate you to practice more, but I feel it to be more demotivating than anything. Especially if we go onto the topic of "gamification", which is what duolingo is based on, correct me if I'm wrong. If in ANY game, the developer decides that one of your mastered skills goes down with time, there would be a lot of unsatisfied people. Mastering skills is like obtaining a trophy, taking away the trophy with time makes it feel like you don't really earn it, its just for rent. You might forget some words if you don't practice it, yes, but duolingo is a learning platform, not a language tracker...it doesn't keep track of what you do outside of it, and thus I feel like the system should keep in accordance to that, instead of trying to reflect a person's learning experience overall (in and out of the program). To be honest, with the current setup it feels more of like a gimmick to keep people using duolingo longer than they might have had with the other system. Similar to a game that makes you spend hours doing something you've already done, to obtain something, in this case, reobtain something. If the intention truly was to learn a language, then the learner will come back and review words on their own.

I often hear that badges, achievements and visual progress are more appealing to the younger generation, and maybe thats true, or maybe I'm part of the small minority that likes them, but I always felt like the game-y feel of duolingo was what set it apart from other sites or learning methods, and in my opinion this new system is a step towards conventional methods of learning languages.


I totally agree about the less game-y feel, this is what made the program so different and exciting. I fell like Duo Lingo is losing that a bit with the update.

Maybe if they would add 'Trophies' like they do in modern video games it would balance out what they lost in the update. So giving people trophies they can show off and having stats to see how close they are to them, examples of come could be - finished all lessons in a skill with full hearts - completed a lesson in under (some amount of minutes) - completed 100 lessons - 200 lessons - 500 lessons etc. - translated (however many) sentences - 'super grand master Trophy' completed every lesson in a language with full hearts. - completed the skill tree for 2 languages, etc.

And then maybe you can choose like 2 or 3 trophies or badges (depending on what they are called) that you are most proud of to be under your username whenever you make a comment on a thread.

hmmm, this would actually be a very powerful tool to make people feel a great sense of achievement and want to keep learning and repeating.


The problem is that learning a language cannot be directly translated into a game, because language learning IS NOT just a game. You DO have to refresh your skills and review. To me it doesn't seem like a gimmick but that Duolingo is trying to replicate how language learning truly works. And that is much appreciated. With duolingo I have come much further with my Spanish than when I took it for a year in college.

The skills where my bars are the lowest are accurate to what I need to work on and refresh. To me that is not demotivating, it's showing me where my weaknesses are right now. It doesn't seem like the bars go down at some super fast rate either.

Instead of focusing on the trophies I like to focus on the coins and language levels because that just keeps going up.


In my opinion, duolingo is not meant to be the ONLY thing you use to learn a language. You still need books or other media to learn more complex things like grammar, which is something duolingo users tend to have trouble with or ask to be implemented into the program. I see it as a program that aids your language learning through repetition, vocabulary and the most important part, it motivates you and can be kind of fun. I personally use other mediums which often tend to equate to a lot of reading and well, its really quite boring. Duolingo was refreshing to me, because of its gamey feel, levels and shiny masteries that gave me a clear sense of achievement (which can be really difficult to see when you're learning a language conventionally). I suppose if you use -only- duolingo, then the bars are fine, but to me, I wanted a fun, extra learning option, not a language tracker that tells me something basic has decayed because I didn't use the program.


While the gaming aspects are meant to motivate you and keep you coming back, keep in mind this is designed to help you "learn a language" not "win a game".


I think there is a balance between giving everyone a pass and motivating people just the right amount. It's hard to find that balance but I think duolingo's "gold bars" are excellent motivators. And remember, you have to keep remembering those words for later lessons. So it does make you retain those skills and keep them sharp as you go along. I LOVE the gold bars and I don't feel they demotivate at all. I find them totally fun. If I don't have gold bars I can go back and win the gold. It's just more of an extra incentive, the cherry on top more than an award. Also we aren't really competing here, it's more about self improvement, so I think that's been retained.


I have just been updated today, one change i actually dont like is the lack of the previous heart system, I feel like there isn't a need anymore to do the same lesson repeatedly until you master it (4 hearts), then go to the next one, i would only proceed to the lesson if i managed to get 4 hearts, this would sometimes take me 2 goes, or even 10 goes. i feel like this was a really good way for me to get the lesson really stuck in my head and retain all the information, but now i feel like there isn't that drive for me anymore to push myself to do the same lesson 5 times in a row. I get the strength thing and how that works and it is a good idea to make sure you go back but it takes away the need for repetition and committing it to memory.

the update is a good improvement to some extent but what would make it perfect would maybe be having less hearts, like 1 or 2 so that way if you get just a couple answers wrong you are forced to repeat. Its not hard to finish the lesson first go since usually a good amount of the questions give you the answers the first try, in fact the second time is usually harder than the first because of this. Or maybe a good idea would be inside the skills you have your gold strength bars, but the only way to master the lesson is to have all hearts and full strength.

does anyone else agree?


I agree. I found the hearts system really useful. Now, to get a full golden bar it is often enough to pass a lesson once even with mistakes. Of course I can still watch the hearts left at the end of the session and push myself to repeat, but this requires more effort.

What I really like about the new system is the weakening of old lessons. I have not had enough time to experience it yet, hope it would not make me repeat the most easy words too often.


Yes i agree.Also,i miss the 'refresh' and 'bonus' lessons.


Same here. The hearts were a big motivator for me to keep retrying lessons but with a now hidden-like presence I'm not sure how I will do. Duolingo, please give an option for hearts visually on lesson lists, it would be much appreciated. Everyone has different learning styles, I felt the hearts were more effective for me as it reminded me of playing a game. I still do like the new content though, maybe put them together.


I agree. I move through the lessons too fast, I'm not retaining that information so fast. I'm not getting enough practice,


The gold bar system isn't too dissimilar. With the hearts, they would never decay, now they do. Though I admit it should probably take more work to even initially get those gold bars up to a full 4.


I so agree with this. I miss the hearts. I like the bars showing me where I need to refresh, but I also liked the hearts to show me when I had truly mastered the section by making no mistakes.


Why not both? Hearts to show how well you mastered a lesson, because I like most in this reply-thread would push for more hearts to make sure I had it cemented in my head. But I am only able to DuoLingo for 2 weeks a month (I work odd shift work) and two weeks I am without internet, so I cannot practice. Now every time I go away all my work will disappear! If we could have hearts to show how you mastered a lesson, and the gold bar go down in time so you know you're probably getting rusty on that topic, I think it would solve a lot of concerns. Those achiever types that liked all the shiny trophies and full hearts would feel better, and we would still benefit from the reminder to go back and refresh on past lessons.


Hi Luis, I do like the changes once again. Your constant evolution of the site and learning methodology has all been positive, in my opinion, so far. The current iteration is the best so far, as I had previously complained (to myself only!) that there was no real good way to go back and strengthen specific lessons I felt I was weak on. Then you changed from the Practice slider to the Practice Weakest Word model, which I thought was an improvement. The newest setup where you can see where you are below strength on is yet a better improvement.

I also agree with your new take on real-world translations. While I recall that one of the original purposes of this site was to crowd-source the translation of the Web, I agree it is not well-served by substandard translations which occur when articles are not well-matched to users skill levels. Nevertheless, I hate to see one of the original aims of the site fall by the wayside. Perhaps there is a place for real-world translations towards the end of each course when people's skills have progressed to a point where the translations are better. Or, perhaps a new section could be added at the end of the current curriculums focusing on translation and also, perhaps, adding a component of audio translation as well (nice and slow and easy, please) so that users can practice their skills in a more realistic auditory environment. Because, I do find that it is one thing to hear the audio on this website and understand it, because you sort of know what sentences are coming, but it is different listening to real Spanish audio sources, especially when the speakers are speaking at full-speed in their native accents.

Edit (Apr. 6, 2013): Having tried out the new system some more, while I do still like the fact that it shows you what parts of your past work need refreshing (I don't look at it as taking away my progress, as much as just a reminder to go back and review previously learned materials), I do have some concerns.

In the old system you first Learned the material (half-way mark) then you had more sessions to Master it. Initially, it was just more practice of the same lesson, though later it evolved to translations to earn Mastered status. In the new system, the additional practice to reach Mastered status is gone, so you can progress through the levels much faster, without the same amount of practice you previously had. I am also concerned by how quickly 4 gold bars are given for completing a lesson, though I feel that perhaps I am misunderstanding the purpose of the bars. They clearly can't measure word strength since you can't be that proficient that quickly. Maybe they are just an indicator of having completed the lesson, then as time passes they degrade to show you you need to review. That's what I have done, is go back to any subjects that show less than 4 bars and refresh the individual lessons that are below 4 bars.

Perhaps the bars should be implemented along with the heart system, so that people who are motivated to pass each lesson with all three or four hearts intact can track that progress. Shouldn't be hard to implement since the hearts are still there in each lesson. You would just have to add the hearts under the bars. It's a little like Cut the Rope; I never let myself advance to the next level unless I've collected all three stars in each level, no matter how long it takes me. I think that could be beneficial here as well as a motivator for additional practice.

While I am happy that the real-world translations are gone from the lessons, at least at the level I am at (I would like to see them incorporated towards the end of the course, or after the course as an even higher level), I do think something to provide extra practice should have been added to replace it.

I, too, have noticed that sometimes when refreshing past lessons, new words which I have never seen show up. Not a huge deal, but how is the strength of these new words being assessed?

Please don't take any of this as criticism or complaining - I am very happy with the progress I've made so far, and you can't argue with free. Some will say you get what you pay for but that is not the case here at all. You get so much value here for no cost at all. I would be embarrassed to complain or criticize the wonderful people who have put this site together (without any apparent signs of monetization, either). This program is such a boon to anyone who is interested in learning another language in a fun way without having to spend hundreds of dollars on commercial software. (End Edit)

Anyway, just some thoughts. Keep up the good work. The site is fabulous. I probably spend at least 30 minutes a day on it and have two of my children learning French on it as well.

Thanks to the Duolingo team for all your hard work. Chris


I'm with you on the mixed mode Chris. Some people will prefer the new way, some (including me) the old way. Either a profile option to use one or the other or (better) a hybrid system as you suggest, seems to be the best way to keep everyone happy.

I know what you mean about the three hearts on every lesson - I'm the same (especially for those German genders - I've had to do some lessons dozens of times before they sink into my skull).


A bit off-topic, but this is one of the most longest comments I have ever seen on any website, other than blog posts :D


I know, but I really love this site and wanted to provide some constructive feedback. :)


I know, and I like that. It is very good feedback. ;)


Also, it's very cool how we both live in Alberta, Canada. :)


me too! :)


they are all maxed out. Every lesson. This makes no sense. I am good at somethings and poor at others and that information is lost! now i will have to keep track of lessons on paper.

Too much emphasis on vocabulary. Its grammer that is killing me. I endlessly repeat lessons not because the vocubulary is so tough but because the grammer is so.....foreign. Find a way to track grammer progress and you will really have something.


This is a great program. Bravo. There are still some quirks in it, but overall it´s one of the best out there.

Here´s an idea. How about a program within Doulingo where you can have a conversation with the program. for example.

Student: Hola

Doulingo: Hola estudiante

Student: Como esta

Doulingo: Muy bien.

And so on. Maybe at a more advance stage?

Just a thought.


this is a great idea!


Could be like a Duolingo Eliza (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ELIZA), haha


Take some of that 18.3 million dollars of funding and hire a Loebner Prize winner :)

For ppl who would like to know more about that prize, check out The Most Human Human: What Artificial Intelligence Teaches Us About Being Alive by Brian Christian


You know, That's a really good idea!


I like it. I am looking forward to seeing the words strengthened with each translation, too. I really like the idea of being a completist when it comes to the lessons but also eventually abandoning them to doing nothing but translations when I feel secure enough in grammar, etc. It would be a bit disheartening to see the gold bars go away at that point.


I don't see any changes yet, but I'm still excited because I've been looking forward to this. Thanks Luis! And of course also thanks to the other people who worked on the new design!


Thanks! We're upgrading people in waves, and it will take more than a day since there are so many accounts to process.


Hello Luis. Sorry for bothering you... but there are plans to add new languages in duolingo? Thanks for the great site (the best site to learn languages that I have came across in the internet). Hugs.


Thanks Luis and thanks to all the Duolingo's team I wonder if you could please made a kind of chat filter by languages to practice with other people like us :)


Merci beaucoup Duolingo team ;) Grande!!!


Thank you Duolingo. You seem to have it down packed. I let all of my friends know that this is the best site on the internet.


About the new system...I used to drill and drill to try to complete the bars...now it seems too easy? I know I'm not close to having those words in my long term memory yet. I do like the idea of going back to refresh, in fact that's been my strategy...a few new lessons, and lots of refreshing, a bit every day. Duolingo really makes the reps fun, in my opinion, and I like switching back and forth between the computer and the phone app, too.


I've had a couple of days now of using the new version for my Italian lessons. I wasn't enthused at first. Despite the flaw of getting four bars for newly learned, not-yet-mastered, words, I have to acknowledge some of the amazing strengths of Duolingo that I have taken for granted over the past four months, regardless of whether we prefer the older version or not. Perhaps the most amazing (besides being free, of course) is that we are each getting a customized course. Think about that. In a class in school or university or using other computer-based courses, there is no comparison to the algorithms that Duolingo uses to let us progress at exactly the rate we want to. Repeat old lessons for personal mastery? Sure! Drill anytime day or night? Yep! Get focused drills on what I need most? You bet! I am happy to have the two-minute drills back. Please fix the four-gold-bars-for-less-than-mastery issue. Pay attention to all the good feedback you are getting daily from users. Everything else is pretty terrific. Thanks!


I would have to second Persikov's concern:

"This is the right idea, I like the more realistic status of skills; on the other hand, there are some skills that you may really know, I mean, probably for your whole life, and I wonder if there's a way to mark that you never need to practice a skill again."

There are certainly some skills that I just know by now and I feel stressed having to get back to them to make sure that I get a nice 100% for them (I cannot stand the visuals of something not being perfect after I have completed it). Like it is some sort of micro-managing task which keeps on popping up..

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Agreed: it will be pretty inefficient if I have to keep going back every two weeks to convince Duolingo that I have not forgotten "Guten Tag" and "Ich habe Hunger". By the advanced stages you would end up spending all your time "maintaining" old words even if you have memorized them more or less permanently. But I assume that they they have thought of this. Presumably there's some kind of SRS going on so your achievements "degrade" more slowly once you've confirmed them a couple of times.


I'm blowing through each lesson with 4 bars whether I make a mistake or two. I actually liked getting one or two hearts, then I would go back and do the lesson again and there were always new words to learn. So I really felt proficient with that lesson by the time I earned the 3 hearts. I'm not sure I understand the new format. Am I just supposed to keep going back even though there are 4 bars to learn more words? Or am I going to get reviews or more words at the other end of the process?


I agree... This feels like I'm experiencing a bug in migration to me... Every new lesson I do I get all 4 bars on every word, irrespective of how many mistakes I make. Also my new history is VERY generous in terms of my mastery.

This has to be a bug, no? There's no way that I'm a master in the new words just by passing 1 lesson with them, especially when I messed up several times.


This is the right idea, I like the more realistic status of skills; on the other hand, there are some skills that you may really know, I mean, probably for your whole life, and I wonder if there's a way to mark that you never need to practice a skill again.


Super pumped for the new scoring system, but it seems like I'm experiencing a migration bug. I posted a ticket and replied to someone below who also mentioned this, but it's worth mentioning again here to make sure it gets through if it's a bug.

Ignore me if it's working as intended, but every new lesson I do I get all 4 bars on every new word, irrespective of how many mistakes I make. Also my new history is VERY generous in terms of my mastery.

This has to be a bug, no? There's no way that I'm a master in the new words just by passing 1 lesson with them, especially when I messed up several times.

If this is intended behavior of the algorithm, then I'll get used to it, but something seems fishy here. Maybe something in the migration code?



overall its good except for one problem, when you finish a lesson all new words get full bar , while actually it is still in my short-term memory. how can I practice weakest word while duo does not consider it weak?


Same happened to me. I do a new lessons and get all the full bar. But i did one all lesson that duolingo noticed i have to improved and it was very easy!!!!


Duolingo gets better by the day - thank you for being there!


When I first read about this update, I really didn't think I would care about it. I finished the skill tree a while ago so mostly I've been doing translations. I was just updated to the new tree today and I can't believe how amazing and truly motivating it is! This is the perfect way to get me to actually go back and practice old skills. It's such a challenge to keep everything full and I absolutely love it! It's brought a whole new level to Duolingo and I already know this will definitely help me improve. Thanks for the great work, as always!


I am extremely grateful for the noble efforts to educate put forth by this website.


Luis, it's a bit discouraging to see one's gold tarnish. Instead of giving negative incentives to make us practice, why don't you give positive incentives, i.e. "Practice this old forgetten skill and earn PLATINUM status!"

Rather than a punishment, give a reward. It wil make things much more fun and rewarding. This is a game--why turn it back into homework?


Hello Jennifer_P, and all you other Platinum Tree Advocates out there. :)

There is a consolidated platinum tree criteria discussion here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/6231894

Please stop by, give your 2 cents, and upvote the discussion so this feature gets more serious consideration from the Duolingo team.


Many thanks to you and your team for the great website!


thank you very much! keep up the good work!


Very pleased to see this. Other people who I've encourages to join already had the strength bars; the difference in presentation was initially confusing and then slightly annoying, as I wanted to be able to see which areas to go back to and practice!

So, thanks for rolling this out to everyone.


I love the fact that I'm able to see my weekly progress but, is there a way we could be able to see our all-time progress? I'd love to know when I, or a friend, started in doulingo. Thanks in advance and keep up the awesome work.


Great Many thanks to Luis and all Duolingo staff. May you get even more wisdom from above to keep on making great projects that benefit many. :)


Some of my previous "mastered"s have shrunk, and a first eyeballing suggests that these are indeed the skills with which I had trouble later.

You're a fickle lover, Duolingo, and too prone to telling the truth. Damn you.

(NB: After getting over the initial shock, I'm glad to be told this, it's awesome.)


Okay that's hilarious. "You're a fickle lover, Duolingo, and too prone to telling the truth. Damn you." I'm quoting you the first chance I get. Thanks.


So appreciate everything you do, Duolingo team!


Showing the hearts left on each lesson was nice. I miss that :-) The product is fantastic overall.


Duolingo just gets better and better - thank you.


I have a huge nerd crush on Luis.


Neat. Really appreciate you continuously upgrading your great educational playground.


I love that the translations are going to be integrated in another way, they were the only reason I was testing out of the skills to master my tree. I also like that the scores are based on my current understanding instead of how well I did one time.


Thanks for improving!

My thoughts: + It's good that translations are not forced on us anymore. Those were real pain, on such a low level I'm currently at the algorithm couldn't allocate to me proper sentences suitable for my knowledge.. I believe they are useful on an advance level so it's good that we still have the possibility. + I disagree with those who are missing the heart system. That was as useless as you think this will be. You are just used to it, and created a system to go for no heart loss, and thought that's fine.. But repeating something 10 times quickly forcing it to your short term memory and succeeding thinking now you won't have to look into this ever and it's set in stone in your brain is not how things work. Repeating again and again periodically during long time can be better, and at the end even more time efficient. But of course we need the duolingo team to write an amazing algorithm what will calculate what do you need to refresh, if possible not only based on words but grammar also. - Bonus and Refreshment exercises I miss also :( I usually do not restart normal lessons but for those I was rushing to be within 2 minutes, and repeating until I succeed. That was a much better indicator how well can you proceed in real life situations. - The notification about the change could have led directly to this page for more detailed explanation, and for opportunity to leave feedback. o I'm still eager for a simple but complete list of all the world I learnt with pronouns, plurals. That would be a great way to practice them, also it could be in a fine printable format, to take it to anywhere and practice them. The current way is quite inconvenient.

  • Comments should keep formatting.. I made a list broken down to paragraphs with pros/cons, and now my whole comment is an unreadable trash :( Strange behavior that the row break were kept after my first sentence..


One line break appears as none, two as one. Yes this is not very obvious and rather annoying...


I love the change and I have gotten two people to join!


Duolingo just keeps getting better and better. Keep up the great work, guys! :)


This is outstanding, and while I've had a few hours to play around with the changes (not enough imo ;P) I feel the only change is perhaps that you should keep the hearts remaining on the screen until a topic has been mastered (ie until you've completed the last lesson in a topic). I feel I haven't truly "learned" a topic until I've managed to get through a lesson without making a mistake. That said, I'm keeping a record of my score in each lesson for myself, so that I can go back and get mastery in every topic :).

This really really does look awesome though, thanks for rolling it out to everyone. Duo has come along in leaps and bounds since I started, and that was only in December!


Well, it seems that truth hurts :)


Whenever someone asks me where I studied English (I am a Spanish native) all I say is "try out duolingo". They always thank me.


Excellent improvement!


Now it is reasonable way of tracking the knowledge. Great. Thanks.


At first glance it looks new. I guess we'll become comfortable with the new design soon :). Some chance to get Dutch lessons soon? :) I want to study abroad and this would be absolutely helpful. Thank you, duolingo-team!! :)

My second glance left me irritated: Where are the recommended stars? How do I know now which lesson I should practice next?


When will this take effect (like maximum time) ? I'm excited to see this xD. I guess in the meantime I will carry on with learning Japanese.


very nice! Congratulations for the new way! thank you


I just wanted to say I love this program and I love that it is free, gaining access to language learning tools without paying a lot can be rather difficult so thanks everyone who has put such effort into creating such a great program!

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Thank you very much!


This is awesome!


You guys rock!


está chingón, gracias Duolingo ;D


Thanks for the explanation and all the work you do.


Muchas Gracias Duolingo!


Generally, thank you for the excellent website. Re the update, I have to say that I miss the 'refreshers' (I forget what they are called now(!) but it was those timed exercises after the main lessons). Each lesson seems too short at present... Also agree that one way for me to learn was to re-do the lessons until I had the max number of hearts (it helped to get stuck in my head) but now am somewhat confused to see I get a max nber of hearts when I made mistakes. This new system no longer allows me to keep track of where/which area(s) i need to work on.


One more little quibble...(since we are talking about language, after all)—not sure the work "Perfect" is the best to use when we master something...it's flattering, but unlikely to be true. Does anyone every use "perfect" language? I think a description like Strong or Very Strong is better.


I'm sorry to see all my hard one gold disappear, or at least some of it, but I can see why you have done it. Yes it does give me a better idea of what I need to work on. Thanks for all your hard work. Looking forward to the android app






This is such a helpful upgrade. I didn't know I wanted it so much until I saw the changes! I really like it that I don't have to translate sentences that are way beyond my skill (not that it was mandatory before but I just liked seeing the skills 'mastered').


You folks at duolingo are totally bitchin'! Great job with everything!


At first I was sad that some of my beautifully golden "mastered" skills turned out to have less than perfect word strengths, but these changes make a lot of sense and target some of the issues I had with Duolingo's learning system. Thanks for the effort on your part, I look forward to testing the new site out.


Thank you! I like the changes very much!


I love you guys at Duolingo!


I like this tracking method better. Keep up the good work.


Sounds great :) thank you Duolingo!!!


Two quick questions: In order to re-gold my tree do I have to go through individual lessons on the tree or will doing "practice weakest words" also work? And about how quickly will word strength decay? Thanks.


I am impressed by how you continue to improve this website! I have found the learning process very helpful. Keep up the good work!


Sounds like a great idea! (I wondered how the old system kept accurate data over time.) Thanks!


bugger, is there any way I can go back? I'm all for progress, but I was tracking the number of hearts and rewarding myself when I either reached a certain level or when I had got all the hearts in a section. This was forcing me to do the lessons over and over and the repetition helped the rules stick. now I'm going to have to redesign my reward system.


Great work, duolingo!


I like the new layout. I do miss the owl at the end. But also, the test you could take at the end. I used to use that as a way of knowing that I had actually learnt what I needed to know. Now I just breezed through a section and got a gold bar in under an hour. It doesn't actually reflect my progress because I know I haven't fully learnt it.


that is a very efficient way of learning


I love the change! :) Thank you so much for all of the efforts your team makes to ensure your users have a great learning experience. You guys rock!


Yeah! Today was my first day with the new "Immersion" system and I reviewed / edited a complete existing (100%) document top to bottom. I could hardly stand doing translations before. I think the new wiki style is much better. I hope you get great quality of results.

I love Duolingo! Thanks for providing such a great learning tree. (I'm through it, just have to improve long term memory.) My Spanish is much much better than just a year ago, and I've been working at it on and off for about ten years ;). Thanks again!


Herzlichen Dank für ihre Mühe. :)


I like Word Strength modification, it is a great improvement.

SUGGESTION 1: For it to improve even more I would suggest adding a user option to downgrade strength for a specific word. (for those words you are still not so comfortable with even though we have a full strength bar).

SUGGESTION 2: Add also a time last practiced in a black box when hovering over a section

Thanks for your hard work


I like the update though I do fear now I will be obsessed with trying to turn my skill tree all gold!


I like the changes.


I have used another very popular language learning program and I have checked out a few others online, and I find your learning excercises to be the most beneficial for me. The main difference is that i am able to use what little I know in actual converstations, but with the other method, it was very difficult for me to think of the Spanish for the words I wanted to use. Thank you for your continuing efforts to improve Duolingo. The real-life translations were especially difficult for me. I never know if I should stick to a literal translation or say what I think it means in the English I would use. I am not always sure what the Spanish speakers are trying to say.


Thanks for your hard work of continuous improvement. Looking forward to trying out the new changes.


Also, I miss the end of the lesson tests!


Luis, I'm sorry but I have a problem with these changes and I'm not sure if this was how it was intentionally meant to be or if it's an error.

Basically: I did "Lesson 2" in the first "Verbs Present" category. I only managed to get by with zero hearts, but that very lesson showed a full strip of gold marks!

This will make it all too easy. I MUCH prefer the previous version, where how many hearts you passed with is indicated on the lesson's title. (You knew where you were at.)

And anyone who is serious about learning a new language should feel the same way.

I don't want to rant, because I love Duolingo. But I do believe this part of the recent change is very wrong.

-- Karl Gorman.


I also hate this "feature" and would like the old way, or fixed.


I am yet to be convince about the new way of translating documents. I use a touch-pad and keep accidentally submitting translations before I am ready, and then I have to start again.

Also I liked to see other people's translations so I could improve my own version.


And I miss being able to accept or reject changes made to my translations


I don't mind having the average word strength bar there, but I really liked having the hearts there as a way to track my progress. I would usually complete 3 or 4 units, and then after a while, go back and do all those units again, but this time not moving on to the next lesson until I had completed each without losing any hearts. I liked using this method because it let me keep track of where I was at with each particular unit, and forced me to go back and repractice the lessons by trying to finish them all without losing any hearts. I also liked it because it was a more relatable way of understanding how I was going, I don't know how the system decides when to start changing the progress bar, but the hearts as my progress bar would always be constant, which further down the line would make it up to me to choose which units I need to work on (of those completed with no hearts left). I see the use in the progress bar, but not at this stage of my learning. Perhaps something could be implemented that shows you both the hearts and the progress bar at the same time, or maybe an option to toggle between what it shows? I just don't want to see the hearts completely gone from the homepage or a log of how I did in terms of the hearts gone, as I found them quite useful.


I really like the new system, but I am bothered that the the progess meter shown on the tree does not match the progress bar shown on the "Practice skill" button inside the skill. Sometimes that blue practice button wil be full, but the on the tree will not, and it is not clear what I need to practice to fill that bar up.

Otherwise, this has been an excellent motivation to go back a practice what I've already learned, and re-discover what I have forgotten.


i have done a few immersions and yet i have not recived the coins for completeing them is there something i am missing? Help...


I don't think that the 'translations' work as well as they used to. I used to like it if my translations were voted the best. This doesn't seem to happen anymore.


I like separating the translations from the lessons because, as you say, they were not a match. However, what I did like was seeing and also judging translations. I'm still not sure I am such a good judge, but I did learn from looking at others.


Here's my two cents. The design - takes some using to but you probably thought it over and it will turn out for the best. However, I have mixed feelings as to the real world translations part.

I LOVED how I received sentences containing actual (highlighted) words from the lessons. This really helped to see the word in context and motivated me to translate. Now this feature is gone. So basically you went from translations that had little to do with the content of the lessons to ones that have nothing to do with the lessons. This is the one feature I'll miss.


I've been redoing all the past lessons with less than 3 hearts wondering if I would finish this before the migration. I almost have!

My tree has not changed yet, but I'm looking forward to try something new and hopefully exciting ^_^


This sounds great!!! I actually just posted a discussion question that these changes already totally address, so I can go delete that now!!! :)


I have not noticed anything yet.:)


I think I had new design from the start as I join recently. But I no longer see ¨Real-world practice" button. I see no way to access it.


Oh, and thanks for all the great work! I'm having a lot of fun on Duolingo.


I see an Immersion button


I have learned the topic "Dates and time" and DL gave me "golden cup" for it. But when you passed to new system I lost all these units. Now I should do the same exercises again. Why you did this?


Thanks for letting us know, can you refresh your home page? It should be fine now...

[deactivated user]

    what about the bonus rounds? :(


    Thanks for trying, I was already learning new words with old words mixed in and feeling challenged by the gradual randomization in each skill. I've seen some old words show up claiming to be new and I ignore when that happens, now I'll take this update as an apologetic way of saying Duolingo's word strength algorithm and maybe its word set database is not completed yet. Seeing how I would not have scrolled through a list of 500 words I learned in the past month to determine what's not quite there yet, I see there's a point, thanks. Now with this update what I'm not going to do is play a lesson 5 times repetitively just to strengthen a word, which anyone could have done already, no thank you.


    There were some lessons I had never done, but now it says I'm perfect in them?


    it does not even tell you how many lesson you have left to learn when you hoover over the material. It has been replaced with nasty-grams though: "your word strength has decayed". I have to say I think this new setup with the tree is horrible.


    So are there no more "bonus rounds"? I didn't particularly love the 2 minute limit, but I did like knowing how long it took me to complete those lessons.


    Well both systems have their advantages, so would it be possible to show both together? Like in two bars?


    I'll see how I go.

    But for the record, I have suddenly reached gold status with "Questions." But I had not yet completed it . . . and the last thing I want is to get the easy way up the tree.


    I do not like the new duolingo system. With the old one, i can idthe new lessons, with some mistakes, but later i could come back and did it with all the hearts. And the lessons against the clock were really helpful. Now you do a lesson and you get all the bars so you do not know with lessons you have to do again. I will finish my lesson, but for a new learner I probably do not recommend duolingo.


    The new 'Words Strengthened' page which was introduced with this update shows words which I have not yet seen within Duolingo. I'm using the German module.


    I don't know why but I have not received a message from Duolingo since March 25th. Is there something wrong or is that part of the new approach? Because I did not erase all my messages, I am still able to access my account. Duolingo is important to me and I do not want to be unable to access it. Also, getting the messages spurs me on to work on my skills. Thanks. Patricia 1943


    Sounds good. Am looking forward to working with the new format. Thanks!


    I am a Spanish-speaking user learning German through the English interface. It is a bit disheartening to see all these "incomplete" lesson after investing so many weeks/months advancing into the final lessons of the program. There was that sense of accomplishment, gone now. Back to lesson 4 to make it "gold" again. Anyways, my question is about the different colors I see now all around my skill tree in the units I had already learned. Some are blue, some green, some light green. What is the meaning of the different colors? Thanks.


    I do not like it that much... i miss the old "mastered" function!


    Sadly, i'm getting no support whatsoever from Duolingo. My suggestions are accepted, but - for some reason - i am not allowed to progress beyond level 8 of the 'tree'. No explanation given. No emails answered. I thought i needed to 'practice' more to be allowed to go further, but after a day of doing so, i cannot face any more of the same (and the same and the same) sentences. Help!!!! Best regards, A


    Have you tried doing Lesson 10 of Adjectives 2?


    I love Duolingo!!!!!!! Have learned a TON of Spanish faster than I ever thought!! Love It!!! Preston, NYC, USA --- and my Friend from Venezuela had better help me learn MORE, FASTER!!!

    • 240

    Awesome, thanks


    I really like it, however, it is equally wrong to say that someone knows a lesson perfectly when it is mastered and long time forgotten as when it is recently learned, I think that when you finish learning a lesson you should get a medium level strength (two points in the scale).


    It was better before. Too many new words in one exercise.


    I don´t understand this new system at all. I used to learn the blocks of German, and they are divided into grammatical themes and now I feel as if I tried to learn the hole sentence without understanding it's features. I wanna the old system back, I was so happy when I found this magic resource! )':


    I don't like it because yesterday I completed a lesson but when I went in this morning I had to redo the same lesson. I couldn't get past the lesson. It bothers me because I was having trouble with that lesson and I finally got past it and I had to spend more time with it. :( Not so happy but will get over my anger! Anyways, thanks for your great website!


    I first joined Duolingo a few months ago and I really like it. But I've never seen anything to tell me what procedure to follow, so I've just been winging it. I learn, I master, and move on. Now i see that my word skills in some topics have decayed. How do I prevent that from happening? And, again, is there set of instructions showing me what steps to follow to keep moving ahead from lesson to lesson without losing what I already have learned??


    The word strength decaying is only natural because you always forget part of what you learned previously. Go to the lesson that has weakened and try a Practice round. If you pass it easily and quickly, no harm done (and you get skill points for that). If you struggle with it, it is a good indicator that you really needed that practice.

    Moving always forward can lead you to a point where you can't cope with the flood of new and old but forgotten words. I've experienced that about half-way down my German tree. As a result, I've spent a month revising previous lessons and I can assure you it was not a waste of time. From then on, I'll pay much more attention to revision, and I hope new tree style will help me with that.


    My homepage just switched over, so a quick question: when I practice one of my earlier lessons to try and get back to full bars, it uses vocabulary and grammar from later lessons. Does that one practice session also affect my bars for those other lessons? (IE, practicing Basics 1 used past tense and a variety of cases, so I would expect to see a slight effect on their bars).


    I really love the new gold bar system. I'm reaching the end of the French tree and this is a great way of giving me a good practice/refresher path when I'm done.

    On that note, I do really miss the star telling me which subject to do a lesson in next. It was so well-balanced when there were several choices at a time. I liked not thinking about "what next?" Now, combined with the lack of "remaining lessons" on hover, it's more arduous to calculate the round-robin. It would be great to get the star back and also apply it to the "refresher" lessons once a tree is complete.

    Great work overall!


    Keep up the good work Duolingo! You rock and this comes from a long time language teacher!


    Hello, Thank you very much, but I do not like the change. I appreciate the changes, but it does not provide a clear way to get everything back to "mastered". The lessons have been completed, so what needs to be done!? Best regards, Rustam.


    That's my major problem. I had several lessons I could not get back to gold despite ll sorts of "practicing". Then I put.it away overnight and all those lessons mysteriously turned gold.

    Now I have other lessons i can't get back to gold, were practicing brings no visible benefit, or brings only slight benefit with no indication how much overall work is required.

    Quite simply, there is either a bug, or some kind of undocumented logic of which the user should be made aware. If there are specific hoops I need to jump through to regain skill (not missing any stars? Practicing a certain number of times? Etc) then I should be able to refer to a help doc to tell me what that is.

    Unless I can figure out the logic, I won't use this refresh skill feature. If I am going to practice without getting "credit" I will just spend more time with my other non-Duolingo study materials. At least that way I can track my progress, check things off, etc.


    So far so good. I do kinda miss the hearts on the books though. Maybe they could be used in combination with the bars as an extra incentive? I like the bars though- it was frustrating when I had improved my knowledge of, say, food, but the books still read 1 heart.


    I don't like the fact that I have to go back and re-practice a skill.


    Why can't it be left up to me to go back and re-practice the skill later?


    It is left up to you, you don't have to redo anything.


    I am following a couple of people who are experienced users or who are at similar progress levels of learning French here. As there are no instructions/manuals to guide you how to best use this website to learn the language, looking at the Discussions is a very helpful part of my learning experience. However, it is also time consuming and frustrating to dig into the discussions. So I focus on the posts by the people I follow. However, when I look at my Stream and someone's latest comment interests me, I can only click and be brought to the discussion topic not the particular post I want to read. In particular language discussion topics, this is not much of a problem as there are not too many posts there. But in a hot and general Duolingo discussion topic like this one, that is a big problem. I literally have to dig out the post I want to read. I hope Duolingo can do something about it to make things easier. Thanks.


    Interesting changes. I was able to unlock the next subject without completing all the lessons. Also, once I opened that next subject, (Español Adjectives 2), the first two lessons were already marked as complete. Is this because I had mastered the vocab contained in those lessons in previous sections? Is this intended?


    I'm pleased. Good job, duo.


    Great! I think I'm going back to try Duolingo then. I stopped using and replaced it with a competitor website and I actually paid for their premium account because I felt that I wasn't learning what I needed to use in everyday talk with Duolingo. In this competitor way of teaching they focus on the European levels of language skill, A1, A2, B1, B2, etc. I've done half of A1 in both German and Spanish and I can't still speak any of those languages. I'm living in Berlin now and I still don't understand almost anything that people say. Completely frustrated with my language learning I've read that to be able to speak in almost any situation you need to be level B1 so that's still a long way to go. These latest changes to Duolingo make a lot of sense because after some time I was feeling that I didn't deserve that "mastered" badge in some previous sections. Since I've already paid for a competitor service, I'll try to use both Duolingo and this competitor at the same time to improve my German a lot faster.


    Very nice! Can you guys also add a function to see if you finished all lessons in a course with three hearts? I'm kinda OCD'ing all courses, because I want to complete everything 100%. But in the main tree I can't see which courses I did 100%.


    Nice improvement. Thank you for your dedication.


    Excellent effort! I often wished I could see the skills I hadn't practised in awhile :), this makes everything easier!


    I hope the word "strength" goes down in some pattern that is perhaps scientifically shown to be effective. E.g. the first time you learn a word the strength goes down very fast, the second time a bit slower, and so on.

    Otherwise I agree this change is much better and I expect it to be much more effective than the old "master once and forget about it".


    New way of tranlating the real-world materials is not fair. Now I do not get points for every sentence I've translated! :(


    Good job, I like the improvements. I do think I earn my gold bar per lesson too easily. I can't see anymore which lessons I finished with a poor score. I would like to see more practice with more varied sentences, particularly more translations from English into the new language.


    because the answer is AWESOME!


    I agree with your decision of letting the users strengthen their words over time, it is something that should be done indeed and, despite I miss my mostly gold tree, I feel like I really need to practice older words again. What I don't like much anymore is the way translation is handled. Before, I could go and translate even a short sentence in the middle of the passage if I felt Iike it; now I have to follow the order, which makes more sense, linguistically speaking, but I wish I could still get my points without translating the entire text. The translations were fine before, even though they are better placed outside the main tree, I'm glad we don't need them anymore to master a skill.


    Two requests: Create "questions" of the form: duolingo asks a question in the target language and then a student answers it in the target language. To make it easier to create, you could start out with multiple choice answers.

    More notes/explanations at the start of a unit. I still don't really understand the verbs and things such as the presence or absence of "a" and the choice of preposition.

    Comment: It is pleasant to receive a notice that mine was the best translation but.... many of these really don't sound so great to me. How is this done?


    I'm not sure I like that it goes down if I don't practice...because that assumes that the ONLY place I practice is DuoLingo.


    I liked the idea of Mastering things. I could learn a few differents lessons and then practice them until I felt confident. Some lessons needed more practice than others. When I felt confident in an individual lesson then I would try to test out of it. This way I could keep track of what I did or did not want to practice. I would suggest some sort of option to allow people to test themselves to see if they have at least initially Mastered a topic.


    I like the new design and had gone back to dutifully fill in practice on all the sections where I had lost strength. But when I got to present tense verbs 2, I practiced at least 3 times and it didn't seem to help. I can't seem to get my nice shiny gold back on that one. Is there some special requirement for practice? On the other ones, I seemed to be able to miss one or two and still get the credit, but not o this one.vI have no idea what I have to do to re-complete that section. Kind of de-motivating.


    I have not tested the new method yet but I am sure it will make a great one even better


    That's a great idea! I have left this page for some time, and when I came back, what do I see? Almost empty bars! It was a bit annoying to repeat these lessons (or practice skills) but it showed me pretty quickly that I don't remember a lot of things. It would be great if you mastered a bit this word strength thing. For example, I have a sentence - Tengo una cita con el doctor. No matter where I would practise this, I should strenghten many words - cita, con, doctor. But, at the moment, it seems to strengthen only one word, depending on which section I practice (if occupation - doctor, and so on).


    i am so happy with the new system, especially about the real-world documents section. thank you, duolingo!


    After using the new system the past couple of days, I have to say, I really like it. Also, I just noticed that you can click on Vocabulary and then practice your weakest words there, in shorter lessons. This is really helpful for drilling on some of those longer adjectives and other more challenging words. Thanks so much for continuously improving this great resource...it's very interesting to see your own data collected this way, and then to play with various ways of improving your language skills (the ultimate goal of the program).


    I have just finished Subjunctive/imperative in the new format, I scraped through having no hearts left after every lesson I feel I don't deserve the gold star for completion. 3 things, 1 I don't know the subjunctive any better than before I took this section. 2 It looks like I sailed through with full marks (quite the opposite) 3 Because there is no Mastered anymore I feel I would just be doing the same exercises until I know them off by heart, rather than have many more different sentences to do.


    Thank you and danke! I enjoy my German lessons and I try to practice each day. I have noticed the recent improvements to the Duolingo Website and I agree that it enhances the experience.


    Thank you Duolingo for for your time and effort to roll out these amazing updates. They are fantastic. I also really love the new graphics. Well done! :)


    you guys rock.


    I love the improvements. Thanks Duolingo team!


    Firstly, thank you guys for everything!

    Secondly: could you please use a less sad picture of our favourite green owl when you fail a session? ^^ Thanks!


    Gracias Duolingo!


    Could you please just switch back to the old way? It was a lot better


    Awesome, love this app. Also am anxious when your Android app rolls out. This will open up more opportunities to practice.


    Not sure I like the 'new' way of reducing points on past achievements it is demoralising after putting so much effort into each section. Getting rid of the 'Timed Practice' was a good thing, but I liked the other way of World Translation. Translations test your knowledge and word skills it is a more effective way of learning. I feel some of the enjoyment has gone and that for me is a negative. Rewarding effort is a far better motivator....


    son unos genios! Este site es una gran experiencia socio económica mundial. Ejemplar!!!!


    Yeah, I really like the way the new layout is; and while I'll miss my little gold meters, I know this is better :D.


    I have a big problem with the timed exercises, i am a very poor typist and it is discouraging to run out of time because i am fixing typos.


    Thank you Luis and all Duolingo staff :)


    Thanks Duolingo! This is great:D


    This is an excellent improvement! Thanks for doing a great job!


    Dont cheat and thanks Duo lingo also I know this off subject but anyone here watch Kpop star


    I Love Duolingo.


    I love the changes. Thanks Duolingo!


    I loved the changes. More intuitive way to track the progress! Kudos! Great work team :)


    Great ideas. Good job!


    I hated those stars, by the way. They made no sense to me. And if they all dropped, it didn't stop me from moving forward, so they were a nuisance, if anything.


    Cool. I like the fact that my strengths and weaknesses will be tracked. I know the best way to master a skill is to keep working to improve your weaknesses, rather than resting on your laurels.


    This is great, thank you!


    Further improvements which you may wish to consider: noting the average time per day we spend learning on duolingo (so we know when we are slacking off...), and making the ipad and iphone versions synonymous with the online version (i.e. I find it easier to get through skills on the ipad because there are less direct translations - the answers are essentially given to you down the bottom with the words provided and you just need to put them together in a coherent sentence. While it's easier in the short term, in the long run I am not learning as much because this is only tapping recognition memory not recall memory). Thanks Duolingo!


    Thanks this is very helpful. I am returning to duolingo after what I believe a month break and I am sure I have forgotten a lot of things


    Thanks a ton! I had realized this problem and had started practicing my mastered lessons. This new transition will make things easier for me.


    thanks everyone at Duolingo for everything you do :) I am so happy to learn this way


    ...Ever since the presentation came out on TED this has been thriving project and be sure I will be with you all along. Thanks for doing this !!!

    • 697

    I have tried various language tools and failed at all of them. I am now finally learning a new language thanks to Duolingo. Every time there is a new improvement I think "wow, it can't get better" and then it does.


    Totally agreeing ,, Thanks a lot!


    Overall I like the idea behind the new system. A few things: 1) The way translations of real-life texts are handled could be improved. I.e. basically you only get 1 person to review your translations. And someone else might come along and make changes, to which a third person can then again change it. This can lead to an infinite cycle of minor changes based on personal taste. I think the various translations should be viewed side by side, allowing people to 'vote' for the best one (like in the old system). This way overall translation quality should hopefully also improve.

    2) I am not 100% certain how the new system works. Will I improve on, and eventually receive 'gold'/perfect word-strength in my old categories if I just keep repeating 'practice all skills', or will I need to practice individually each category? Also will the 'practice all skills' focus on my non-golden/perfect skills, or also give me questions in areas I already know?

    Thank you in advance.


    I thought it best to run with it for a while before commenting. Now that I have, I have to say that I preferred the old version (although I can see points in favour of the new one). I have just done two lessons in succession in which I scraped through with no hearts - obviously this means that I need more work on those lessons, yet in both, I was awarded three bars, meaning I have no way of telling how badly I actually did on those lessons. In the old system (possibly because I am a bit compulsive), I wouldn't leave an area of study until I had three hearts on all lessons. This did lead to a lot of repetition, but really allowed me to immerse myself - I found this especially useful in German, where I need a lot of practice on the gender of articles - in the new system, to do this, I would have to personally keep a record of which lessons I need more practice in, because I don't see any way that the system is doing it for me. I can see that the new version will be great as I get further into the languages, allowing reinforcement of already studied areas, but for relative beginners, I feel that the old system was better. (I also feel that the new immersion system is also too weighted towards the more experienced, but that's for another post :)).


    Thank you Duolingo, A great way of learning, keep up the fantastic work you do for our benefit. Kindest regards.


    thxs duolingo for the great wedsite


    Don't forget: you guys are great!


    my only regret.......that duolingo was not there yearsssssssssssssssssssss ago


    Much improved. I love how you constantly improve the process.


    Awesome, this continues to be the best free language learning resource I have found on the web.


    Rosetta Stone was recently featured on Groupon. I can't believe people still spend hundreds on itt More marketing, Duolingo! The world needs to know! I travel a lot, I'll be your champion!! :)


    Awesome! Thanks for doing all this hard work Duo! I am enjoying learning German, and the other languages, though I am hoping that you come out with Japanese, which is my preffered language to learn. Thanks again! ~CU


    I love the Duoling tree and how it works! Thanks for helpings me to improve :), totally agree with the new method!


    Thank you so much :D


    It's a good thing you have done, the translations are well chosen and the lay out is perfect and the practicing to improve your vocabulary is very useful. I like it!


    Thank you for your thoughtfulness and attention on these matters.


    Thanks. I like the new way


    Can I work for you guys? I love Duolingo.


    Now that you have improved graphics, please concentrate on the English translations. Many sentences seem put together by non-English speakers. I don't mean illogical usages; I mean just wrong usages. It is very discouraging to lose points for correct, spoken English translations for what are obviously incorrect usages. Serious time should be spend on the English side of things.


    I totally agree with that.


    Thanks I'm waiting the Android version !!! :)


    I adore the update. Mostly because the absence of those little bloody stars would drive me to practice lessons I should have moved on from, so now I have a better way to gauge my progress.


    For the benefit of learning I LOVE the new format. In refering to past lessons and indicating the level of strenght one holds in that section greatly helps one to expand in learning by paracticing that past lesson if in fact, more practice is necessary. I do find it frustrating in areas where I need practice to sometimes have to do them again and again but if that is what is required to ultimately learn, then I am all for it. Thank you Duolingo!


    I do 99% of this stuff on my iphone. I didn't even know I could practice my 'weak' words. There must be some way to dump all the missed items into a practice folder to review at the end of each lesson group. The phone is faster than the laptop...Hey, got 5 minutes do a quick lesson...!No problema!


    Thank you Duolingo for the improvement!


    Go on guys. Split testing is the king!


    My tree hasn't changed, I saw the new version for some minutes but it went away when I reloaded. Still on the old version of the german course


    Merci beaucoup!


    That really help us to improve our skills!!!!!! Thank you Duolingo! Vielen Dank Duolingo!


    Thanks for working to make language learning a fascinating experience ...


    Thanks! i think its a bit better than before... at least, i know my weaknesses now! :D


    Thanks Duolingo! -Hatsune Miku


    Duolingo is one of the best language learning programs available ..... and its free !!!!!! Thank you for the gift of passion and kindness.


    Thank you Duolingo for your work!


    Love it! This is so adictive that i want to keep on going!!


    Thank you for the improvements! Much appreciated!


    My computer has been down and is still not 100% healthy, but at least I am once more able to access your site. This is beyond a doubt the best language learning program that I have ever encountered, and I have tried several, so please never go away!!


    simple....THANK YOU DUOLINGO!!!


    Thank you Duo 4 the time and effort you've put into this platform. I have 2 comments about the new tree: 1) i liked that the heart punctuation way to pass the lessons, that was cool... nevertheless this gold bar method is also nice 2) some categories such as Akkusativ, Nominativ were moved somewere else and other categories appeared instead of this ones (Clothes and Predikativ), thats confusing... and annoying... everything else its fine, and it is a great, awesome work.


    What shows the "day streak" ? (Sorry english is not my native language )


    It shows how many days you have practised in a row. Did you see the discussion about flairs? duolingo.com/#/comment/371712


    Thank you, interesting discussion.


    I have lost sound. :(


    Maybe you can open a discussion in the Troubleshooting section to explain your problem.


    Danke liebes Duolingo Team für dieses tolle Programm


    why don't immersion translations count in daily/weekly skills points? it doesn't update as it used to.


    you are great Duolingo


    Thank You Duolingo


    I have waited years for spaced repetition to be provided like this, with free and open access to collaboratively edited material, and I am very grateful for this. Now I'm off to learn Spanish again and to evangelize Duolingo!


    Great to know everything is getting better in duolingo. Ich mag Duolingo


    I am having a very difficult time with Italian prepositions mostly because I have not studied them. How can I learn them?

    Also, I find that some of your Italian expressions seem inaccurate. In other words, that Italians would not speak that way. I hope I am wrong they just seem off to me. In any case, I am getting a lot of practice, and I enjoy it. Grazie


    Hey team. I'll say up front that I really enjoy this product and I think everyone at Duolingo is doing a great job and I hope it never stops. I would like to point out though, that regarding the new progress tracking system, I feel as if before, achieving 3 Hearts was a very definable 'benchmark' as to how well I learned certain lessons. With this new system, I feel as if it takes less time and also understanding, to finish one lesson.

    When I finish that lesson it then becomes unclear and at times impossible to gauge how much work I should do in revision for each individual case or lesson.

    I hope I was clear in explaining this. The main point is that I see the value in the new system, however I wonder if others also feel that it is imbalanced a bit.


    Good work team duolingo .


    All about useful metrics. Even though it has a game aspect, I want to really know the material. Keep up the good work.


    I like the new way you are tracking progress and overall i think your program is excellent. However today, June 29 when i began to practice my skills i noticed that you have added sounds at the end of every questioning signifying wheter or not I got the answer correct. I find these sounds very annoying. Please remove them. Peggy White


    Please remove annoying sounds that have just been added


    Perfecto, gracias por añadir nuevas lecciones. Después de varios meses de no practicar necesito volver a tomar el ritmo, y tener que realizar más lecciones de las secciones que ya había "aprendido" me ayuda a recordar :) Duolingo es una excelente herramienta, ¡gracias por su trabajo!


    mom49 I like the new tracking system but today I have also a new soundtrack. I really find beeps everytime I press a button intrusive. The sound acompanying a lose of hearts is rather vulgar. If anything puts me off trying this will.


    Since English is not my mother language I would prefer that duolingo will fix my spelling errors in English without downloading points. I can not concentrate on learning two languages ​​at once. It makes me learn too slowly. Thank you


    Since English is not my mother language I would prefer that my Duolingo will fix my spelling errors in English without downloading points .. I can not concentrate on learning two languages ​​at once. It makes me learn too slowly. Thank you


    You friends are a great teacher, who really can understand a student...couz this new improvement proves it.


    Thanks to the Duolingo team for all the nice work, this really works, keep up the good work :)


    Thank you for providing these amazing features for free. I definitely prefer the new method of showing word strengths that we can easily work to improve. Your team is leading the way into the future.


    The new translation system is terrible! How are we supposed to find the sentences that we can actually translate? Also, nearly all the documents I see are complete. I liked the old translation system a lot better


    allow us to start over please


    . no way was I an expert on many of the things I had completed. thank you


    THANK YOU.... Gracias .... me comunico de acuerdo a mis primos de Argentina durante su visita a Israel ... recibí muchas felicitaciones de mi dominio de la lengua ... Por mi causa, también, mis amigos aprenden español .. Continúe contribuyendo al entendimiento entre los pueblos.


    I thought my "progress" was a little too fast. thanks for re-vamping


    I have to admit, you are doing a wonderful job. I really appreciate that you created this with the help of everyone coding. I have friends who are Dev and it takes time and dedication to create such a great app. Kudos.


    appreciate the efforts to keep us firmly grounded


    I'm not really understanding the new Real World Translations. At all.... I can agree that it needed to be separated out from the lessons, but you can no longer tell which sentences still need to be translated. In mobile, Real World translations are completely gone.

    I signed up for the beta after seeing the TED Talk. I came here mostly because I thought it was really cool that DuoLingo's main purpose was not to teach people other languages, but to translate the web. That appears to have been seriously hampered by the new update.


    This seems great! Thank you!


    everything is perfect, but i don't understand what do the "streaks" mean?

    • 2708

    @hagnes : "An unbroken series, as of wins or losses." On Duolingo, the number of days that you've been practicing without interruption.

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