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"Mother, I am going to Shiprock."

Translation:Shimá Naatʼáanii Nééz góó déyá.

October 25, 2018



Im just gonna say this was a step too far for "intro" level for me to type this out. Perhaps a cultural bias, I have not yet hear the language, but also have no way to remember which of the many many repeated vowels have accents. Not sure I have the word order for grammer yet either. The hints for the hover over are still difficult to decipher the sentence with.


This is my deck on TinyCards ( I am still working on it, and adding corrections from other resources. I hope the problem with the apostrophe can be solved soon, or else the same problems with the writing will persist on the deck):


I hope it helps! :)


What are TinyCards? When I click on the link it just takes me back to my Duolingo Navajo page. I love listening to the language. It is so very beautiful and I just hope that by listening to it repeatedly it will sink in. For example, what is Shiprock? Is it like the Paris of the Navajo Nation? It sounds like a magical place to me.


Shiprock is a large rock formation that looks like a ship. It can be seen from miles away and is sacred to the Diné.


Thank you so much this is very helpful!!


I'll look that up. Thanks!


Thank you ! Its wonderful!


Yáʼátʼééh! I think you have a great point here. Still, I need to say that this is a course in an early stage (Beta phase), and it would be very difficult to catch the word meanings, the use of the accents, and the sentence order with the only use of Duolingo. I have tried to do the same, but I have advanced in the course only with the help from other resourses, as NavajoWOTD.com (with audio), Wiktionary, watching videos, and others. Also, I am using the proper Navajo layout (using Multiling Keyboard on Android, and also installing the layout on Windows 10), and my plan is to start practicing the handwriting with the examples words and sentences in this course. Previously, I have made a compilation of cards on TinyCards. So, I agree with you that learning Navajo without audio and some grammar clues can be as difficult as to try learning Vietnamese without any clue about pronunciations or audio. Still, I think the Beta testers can reach solutions while starting the approach to Navajo. And, I have hopes, the solutions are coming here soon. :)

Enjoy Walking in Beauty!


Yeah i was hoping in intro it woudl be he she him


If you tap the words it'll tell you how to spell it


When will I use Naat'áanii Nééz or Naat'áaniinééz? Sometimes it flags me for errors or counts it wrong when I have to spell. I don't hear a difference in the pronunciation.


I'm interested in this too. I'm not sure when to use either


Same here. I have both words written down because they had "Neez" (sorry can't put the accents up) capitalized in some sentences, but lower case in others.


Bumping for attention to this sub-thread. Can one of the Navajo contributors please weigh in on the difference?


I: Mama SHIMA. I, your son NAAT AND daughter ANI are INTERESTED in taking the kids: EVAN, EVE & ZACK to play in the GOO at SHIPROCK before DENNY'S closes.

Is that a "YA? or a no?"

Either way ... I'm GOING to SHIPROCK! I'm going to SHIPROCK with them all! Hahaha!


ACCENTS: 8 ´´´´´´´´ 1: '

Shimá Naat'áaniinééz góó deya?


Download the multilingl app...it has a navajo keyboard...


I was using the multińingual app for android and now I found one that google has that is even easier for me, because it has all the letters listed individually, with and without markers so you don't have to hold down the key to choose the correct marker.


How do i know when to use the Naat'áanii Nééz góó déyá versus the Naat'áaniineez. Can anyone explain the difference in the two words versus the compound word. I am confused and have gotten many wrong answers thus far.


What does Nééz mean?


From what I've gathered, it means something like "tall" or "long" but is used here as part of a title which is also a name of a place.



what is shiprock?


a town in NW new mexico- its where my family is from. its also the english name for the rock that the town is named after. in dine the town and the rock both have different names


Anybody speaking Navajo, please, at least go to forvo.com and pronounce words.


Déyá vs deyá?


also note: there is a different name for the town and the rock in dine bizaad. in english its the same word.


What are the the town and rock names that are different in dine bizaad, please?


The answer in Shiprock is separated into two parts, but one of the other question, it has the two words combined as naat'aaniineez, but that answer in this question is wrong. Why is that?


I typed "Naatʼáanii" right in my answer, but it got flagged as having a typo. What's up with that?


Naat'áanii Nééz is what I typed and even though it was marked 'correct', it then told me that I could Also say it Another way- which was Word-for-word, Accent-by-accent precisely what I wrote (including punctuation). So I think we may all be experiencing a Glitch in the Duolingo programming itself.


Did you just type "Naat'áanii" instead of "Naat'áanii Nééz?" You need both parts.


See my comment below


Best way to do it is write every phrase down to familiarize yourself with spelling and punctuation.


It says I have a typo but does not indicate where.


I'm really enjoying the course, but typing out all the accent marks on a phone really slows everything down.


Can someone explain déyá vs diníyá?


Why this is have a typo, it just spelled correctly


Thank you for your continuing and dedicated efforts. I am so happy to have at least the beta available. I took a break for a while, hoping more audio would arrive. I just came back and was happy to hear some audio now.


How come in this example, the person we are talking to comes first, but, when I say good morning, the person I am talking to comes last: yá'át'ééh abiní shima -> good morning mother.


I just start to learn navaho. Could someone recommed me any book or website? I need help because my lever is zero. Thank's a lot.


This is handy http://www.languagesgulper.com/eng/Navajo.html

Keep in mind, this course is still severely in beta. There are a lot of inconsistencies between some parts of some lessons and others, and audio is not complete for the majority of the content. But, the community seems to be very helpful.

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