"František is looking forward to it like a little child."

Translation:František se na to těší jako malé dítě.

October 25, 2018

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Can't I write "se těši na to" istead of "se na to těši"?


No, "na to" also follows the second position rule.


"na to" has to precede the verb (2nd position rule), but if you replace the "to" with a noun, it becomes more natural after the verb:

"František se těší na narozeniny." (F. is looking forward to (his/the) birthday.)

"František se na narozeniny těší." (He really IS looking forward...)

with the added "like a little child", there difference between "František se těší na narozeniny jako malé dítě." and "František se na narozeniny těší jako malé dítě." becomes very small, the latter sentence still stresses "těší" a little.

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