My mistakes are not typos

I noticed, especially with the Polish course, that my mistakes in Polish are often registered as typos. For instance I just wrote 'kalacja' instead of 'kolacja' and the result said: Correct, but you have a typo. But, this was a mistake I made, not a typo. Maybe the system could be a bit less lenient towards typos in Polish words?

On the other hand - and this is not just for the Polish course, but also for other courses-, genuine typos in the source language are often highlighted as mistakes. Which is annoying. If I write 'He eas bread', I get 'You used the wrong word'.

Thanks for taking this in consideration.

Nothing but appreciation otherwise for the people making these courses possible, I just need some tougher love from your side when it comes to my mistakes :)

October 25, 2018


typing kolocja instead of kolacja is a typo ,mistake is when you write smth that ruins grammatical meaning like "idziemy do zoo/we going to zoo" but you wrote "idziemy po zoo/we going for the zoo". when you write 1 letters wrong its not very important its just a typo

October 26, 2018

Would you like to write about something in Polish with me?

October 28, 2018

Hi, thanks for asking, much appreciated. Under different circumstances I would say yes, but life's a bit hectic right now. If the storm has settled here, I'll reach out to you, to see if it is still an option.

November 7, 2018
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