[NEW FEATURE] shows "tips and notes" for multiple language trees incl. not active courses

SHOF adds a dedicated page for (cached) html formatted "tips and notes" for multiple language trees

Good news!

The SHOF portal is now able to show available (cached) html formatted "tips and notes" for multiple language trees - incl. for not active (currently selected) courses/trees - on a single page:

Background informations

As far as I understand html formatted notes are automatically polled from our extended user profile "explanation" variables (like it is already done for specific single skills with the dedicated button on the user progress pages or the 2nd new notes tab).

Each html text per skill has a timestamp, e.g "updated 2018-10-25" so I guess it should be possible to detect changes on a daily basis.

Sorry, I have no idea how the author has access to them as a specific username/id is probably needed to e.g access different notes for French tree V3 vs V2 vs V4.

French trees

This includes on this new tips page for the moment 65 (-1) cached (html formatted) grammar notes for your English->French tree.

So this might be the rescue for those people who are on French tree V4 and only have the new A1 CEFR skills accessible with "mobile grammar notes" (exclusively) on the apps.

Sitesurf already replied to my comment that contributors are currently working on improvements and corrections to French tree V3 T&N:$comment_id=29384053

So this is a good thing that the polled html notes are not static (e.g PDF) but self-updating as soon as any notes updates are stored in the Duolingo backend (Incubator?).

I hope that for the new A1 CEFR skills from tree V4 staff will also port the "mobile grammar notes", which are according to French moderators exclusively available on the apps, to the web portal as well, just like we have seen it with the EN->SP course.

Spanish tree

The English->Spanish course does not provide many (only 9!) html formatted "tips and notes", as staff took a completely different direction for this course:

  • For the updated EN->SP tree (113 skills, 520 lessons) they introduced "mobile grammar notes" for the apps (first IOS, followed by Android).
  • Staff has started to port the "mobile notes" to the web portal by keeping the new layout/formatting features.
  • You can already access those NEW web tips from staff by clicking on the lightbulb tips button from the skill on your "Home" (tree) link in the blue menu bar.
  • I had read in a thread once that ~22 skills were already migrated/ported over by staff, but it could be that not ALL 113 Spanish skills are finished and made available (with my resetted SP tree I currently have no access to them)?!

Please note:
It will only work with already unlocked skills (at least purple color / crown level L0)!!
You do not have access to the NEW tips for locked/grey Spanish skills!

Please check the Spanish(English) sub-forum for any further announcements from staff.

Hope you enjoy this new feature.

Vielen Dank an den Autor und sehr talentierten Entwickler, der uns jedes Mal freudige Herzklopfen mit all den zahlreichen Erweiterungen beschert.

Best regards / Muitas saudações / Viele Grüße aus Deutschland

October 25, 2018


Ahhh...Thank you unknown author of! This is great! Thanks for posting, Thomas!

October 25, 2018 -> This gif is me in this very moment. This definitely makes things waaaaay easier when trying to gather the tips and notes for easier learning. This is something I will definitely enjoy very much.

October 25, 2018

Yesssss! This is something the community has needed for a very long time. I'm so glad it's finally here!

October 27, 2018


You need to be aware that the moderator Sitesurf is currently publishing all updated "tree3 T&N" in the discussion forum (unique new threads for each skill) but the html formatted text has not yet been updated in the Incubator skill "explanation" variables so you currently can not retrieve the updated text on's dedicated tips/notes URLs!

"French Grammar: Tips and Notes Update":

January 7, 2019

French news

02/20/2019 · Updated French T&N's

Quote: "Enjoy French Volunteer Contributor Tree3 "Tips & Notes", all in one place, printable, as usual."


"These cannot be auto-updated yet even though there's definitely a possibility — it could be somewhat easier if there were a changelog on the source page to help track possible changes in one place instead of 77 individual pages."

February 28, 2019

Holy carp! That is a really useful feature! Thank you DuoMe anonymous creator!

February 27, 2019

I miss table of contents for better navigation in language specific tips and note page. Why not even show a language tree where I can open skill specific notes?

October 25, 2018


I miss table of contents for better navigation in language specific tips and note page

Good idea!
Well, the 2nd new "tips and notes" tab - on your HOF progress page - also does not have it yet.

Why not even show a language tree where I can open skill specific notes?

This will always work for the currently selected (active) course tree, but not for all of your inactive courses in parallel out-of-the-box:

  • 1) Because, the backend (public extended user profile), is not already READY for multiple concurrent trees at the same time.

  • 2) The author wrote on 10/22/2018 on the page regarding my posted concrete "tree caching" (progress) suggestions that it is not that easy to handle well.

Regarding 2):

I posted in another thread that the best would be probably (IMHO) if itself would extend their backend and/or introduce at least a more comfortable API.

I will try to find this thread again...

October 25, 2018

Can you send some screenshot of the case when there is a tree that can be used for navigiting?

October 25, 2018

There is now nice table of contents

October 28, 2018
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