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Possible Work Around's for: Teachers who need to see lessons vs showing as "Tested Out"?

OK, I am starting a new thread in an effort to help teachers out there caught in this glitch. (In short the glitch shows children as "Testing Out" if the subject is assigned after they have completed a level. This thread covers all of those details: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29353520 )

I am NOT an educator, but am the daughter of one and know how valuable programs like Duolingo are for teachers and parents alike. Below are some of the work arounds with the good and bad as I see them. Suggestions requested!

  1. We could tell the children to not go any further that what has been assigned by the teacher to date. - Major issue of this in short is that I don't believe anyone wants to tell a child not to enjoy a program or work on one that has all the benefits Duolingo has.

  2. Parents could open a second account for children to use. - This affects leader boards as well as decreases the child's interest in the program. They will do what they need to for class in this case, but will most likely not redo things "Just for fun."

  3. Teachers could ignore "Test Out" and just hope children are telling the truth. - I am not here to argue if testing out is bad, just know it cannot have the same benefits for a child as the repetition of lessons. Testing out has 20 questions, while to complete even the lowest level they are looking at answering 60-80 questions.

  4. Children could export their "Raw" XP point data and provide it to teachers weekly.- Some children don't have access to printing this, and it would be a lot more work for teachers to review. This data also does not show the sections.

  5. Teachers could look for the lessons in the Activity Log. - While this seems like a viable option it is an additional extra step and teachers are already so over worked.

  6. Screenshots could be taken by the children and provided to the teachers for lessons not yet assigned. - Again, this would require much additional work on the teacher's end and the children would need access to an email to send these files (in my daughter's case I have her on VERY limited access).

  7. A teacher could "assign" every category they hope to cover to the end of the year with end dates far in the future. Theoretically by doing so they would assign the subject prior to completion and be able to see what they saw previously. - This would require an immense amount of time essentially immediately. With their current work load, assigning so many subjects to so many classes could take hours of valuable time.

I am sure there are others and I hope this glitch is fixed soon for the teacher's sake, but until then any thoughts/suggestions on the list I have compiled? (Again, I am a novice and a non educator. I am just trying to help and keep my daughter engaged in this amazing program!)

October 25, 2018



I look at the "activity details" tab in my classes on schools.duolingo.com. It really only takes a second to click on a student's name to see their activity log.


What do you look for? Certain subjects, test, xp points, or just in general? Thanks for any input, I'm sure others will find it useful!

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