"Kucing saya tidak ramah, bahkan nakal."

Translation:My cat is not friendly, it is even naughty.

October 25, 2018

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The English sentence seems unnatural to me. You could say:

"My cat is unfriendly, even naughty".

"My cat is not friendly, but naughty".

You only use "even" to compare two things that are similar. But if you are comparing opposites (like "friendly" and "naughty"), you should use "but" instead. Even though "not friendly" and "unfriendly" mean the same, using "not friendly" makes the sentence sound unnatural.


Yes, I think we might just need here a more intuitive example of the word "bahkan" - this one doesn't translate very well ("My cat is unfriendly, even naughty" doesn't sound like anything anyone I know would ever say).


Its more a poor choice of words in the english word bank. We needed 'rather' to be there. 'Bahkan' does mean 'rather'.


This is a bad English translation. See the earlier comments for why.


"My cat is not friendly, rather he's naughty." seems like a better choice to me


English is so wrong


Bad translation please fix it

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