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  5. "Is the phone in the bedroom?"

"Is the phone in the bedroom?"

Translation:Aia ke kelepona i ka lumi moe?

October 25, 2018



what is the difference between using "i" and "ma"?


In the case of Aia sentences, there is no difference.


When should I use the ke and when should I use ka in the sentence? I'm really confused.


The words ka and ke both mean the in English. You use the word ke before words starting with the letters k, e, a, o. Please keep in mind that words starting with the glottal stop / ‘okina still count as starting not with a vowel but that consonant - ke oho but ka 'ohe, for example.
There are exceptions to this, including ke ‘ala, ke po'o, ke pākaukau, etc.

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