"I come home at half past two."

Translation:मैं ढाई बजे घर आता हूँ।

October 25, 2018

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मैं ढाई बजे घर आती हूँ should have worked


Yes it should, there's a 'report' button (flag icon) next to comment one, you can report false negatives etc. and they get reviewed and corrected.


Why is it बजे and not बजा?


It's always बजे when referring to a time, even एक बजे. I'm not sure when बजा would be used. Maybe a Hindi speaker could shed some light on this.


I'm not a native speaker, but बजे here is an adverb; so it doesn't decline, it's not a plural of 'बजा' (which is an inflection of the verb). For it to be a verb here you'd have to rephrase it to be something like 'I come home when it is [hitting] half past two': '... बज रहा है'।

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