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Need for a "Save as Favorite" function for useful discussion posts

I am learning French here. Apart from self learning and practice following the skill tree, reading discussion posts by people having the same questions and problems has been very helpful to me. And people like Sitesurf have provided a lot of good answers and links that are very helpful with the learning. But it is very difficult to go back to dig these out from earlier discussions when you want to go back to review them at a later time. That is what I mean by requesting a kind of "save as favorite" function to enable you to save the discussion posts you would like to return to in the future to review. Anyone feels the same need?

April 2, 2013



Agreed - I think there is some flexibility in how this would be implemented. Even if there was just a tab on the discussions UI that showed me all discussions I participated in, that would suffice.


Why not just bookmark them?


Making it easier to get back to threads that were particularly helpful or insightful is something we'd like to do. We're going to work on it. Thanks for letting us know your thoughts.


It would be great and time saving to make it easier to get back to threads we followed earlier. But with this request, I am not particularly concerned with getting back to earlier discussions about Duolingo website usage/community, but rather with the language discussion part (in my case with the French discussions). What I want to save and go back to are the important answers/summaries of language use/grammer others like Sitesurf posted either as a discussion topic or a lot of the times as an answer/post to someone else' discussion topic posts. I wouldn't mind saving the entire topic with a lot of posts inside, but preferably I would like to save the very answer/summary notes posted within a discussion topic. So in the end, I would end up with my own "reference book" which I can go back to from time to time to refresh my skills and knowledge. Just want to clarify my request. Thanks.

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