"बुआ कब आयेंगी?"

Translation:When will aunt come?

October 25, 2018

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"Auntie" or "auntie" should also be accepted.


Another example of Duolingo's weird English. I guess there's nothing strictly wrong but "Aunt" as a proper noun feels unnatural. You would almost always expect it to be my aunt/your aunt/our aunt/his aunt/the blasted aunt (if you are Bertie Wooster)etc.


In India, 'aunt' isn't used too much informally either. We say 'auntie/aunty'!


This sentence sounds really awkward to me. In my English we would either call the aunt by name (e.g. Aunt Neha) or say a possessive like "my" in front of aunt. And if we are calling the person Aunt there needs to at least be a capital A. But there is no option for English sentence needs correction on this exercise.


"Aunty" is not accepted


Most Indians say auntie when speaking English! I got it wrong!


I think the issue here is बुआ has a lot more information than Aunt. I have many Aunts but बुआ is a specific relation that implies a lot when used. Using बुआ only makes sense if you are speaking to someone who shares/understands your kinship web. I.e. siblings, parents, first cousins maybe. In these cases it's really my/our paternal aunt, your sister/sister in law,your mother.


Why cant we write my aunt


why am I marked wrong for saying 'my aunt' - I know meri isn't used but in English we would say either when will my aunt or your aunt come but never just aunt.


What is the difference between when will and when does?

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