"बुआ कब आयेंगी?"

Translation:When will aunt come?

October 25, 2018

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Another example of Duolingo's weird English. I guess there's nothing strictly wrong but "Aunt" as a proper noun feels unnatural. You would almost always expect it to be my aunt/your aunt/our aunt/his aunt/the blasted aunt (if you are Bertie Wooster)etc.


In India, 'aunt' isn't used too much informally either. We say 'auntie/aunty'!


"Auntie" or "auntie" should also be accepted.


This sentence sounds really awkward to me. In my English we would either call the aunt by name (e.g. Aunt Neha) or say a possessive like "my" in front of aunt. And if we are calling the person Aunt there needs to at least be a capital A. But there is no option for English sentence needs correction on this exercise.


"Aunty" is not accepted


Most Indians say auntie when speaking English! I got it wrong!


Why cant we write my aunt


why am I marked wrong for saying 'my aunt' - I know meri isn't used but in English we would say either when will my aunt or your aunt come but never just aunt.


I think the issue here is बुआ has a lot more information than Aunt. I have many Aunts but बुआ is a specific relation that implies a lot when used. Using बुआ only makes sense if you are speaking to someone who shares/understands your kinship web. I.e. siblings, parents, first cousins maybe. In these cases it's really my/our paternal aunt, your sister/sister in law,your mother.


What is the difference between when will and when does?

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