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  5. "Béégashii haash wolyé?"

"Béégashii haash wolyé?"

Translation:What is the cowʼs name?

October 26, 2018



My answer is the same English translation as the Navajo translation!!!!!


Help with this!


This issue with the apostrophes is endemic to the navajo course and badly needs to be fixed


Now none of your ideas are excepted. I can not get past this question and it is very frustrating. HELP


it keeps telling me that "cow's" is wrong, but then spells and punctuates it the same way I do.


I used the asteric and it passed me but it still says there is a typo!


as he said, the "correct" way to type it is with the character in navajo. the * is simply a way to not get it wrong every time


i am put "what is the cow's name?" but it is tell me wrong.


piguy3 Thanks for your explanation, but if the sentence is in English shouldn't accept the English apostrophe?


Sure. My comment merely shares a way to get around this problem until such time as it is properly corrected.

I encourage users to report the correct version (with apostrophe), in hopes of more quickly attracting the attention of the contributors, who are the only people who can make the necessary fix in the Incubator.


Had the same problem as pigguy3


Oops! The apostrophe-like character in "cowʼs" is the character used in Navajo, which isn't the English apostrophe but rather this character. And for whatever reason the system considers this difference in one character to be sufficient to reject the translation. Oh, beta phase!

If you experience the same problem, I discovered after a number of trails that it'll accept the sentence if you replace the saad niyíłtłáádígíí (the apostrophe-like Navajo character) with... an asterisk.


Another fix would be to have it accept "what is the name of the cow" which should also be correct and avoid the problem in the short term until they can fix the apostrophe issue.


Well, the fix is just changing one character in the Incubator. It would be highly disappointing if they added your proposed translation (which necessitates accessing the entry for this sentence in the Incubator) without fixing that character.


Ah, ok, i misunderstood the problem, i thought it was the same character and wasn't fixable currently. Thanks also with the asterisk fix. It's been very helpful being able to move forward the way it's currently set up.


I put "what is the cow's name" but it was not accepted.

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