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  5. "Ádí dóó ánaaí"

"Ádí dóó ánaaí"

Translation:Older sister and older brother

October 26, 2018



Ádí is supposed to be Shádí and some translations on this app are wrong lol i should know my parent speak it fluently and we listen to ktnn the voice of the navajo nation and also 1330 am kgak all navajo all the time from gallup new mexico, they can be found for listening online too for anyone who wants to hear the dialect fluently. See if you can put what you learned to the test. Haha


Why not an older sister and an older brother?


aaaaand the comment I made on one of the last questions where it would help to have word pairs is being done - awesome! Looks like I spoke too soon :)


Love to hear any native speakers and folks with a lot more exposure than us beginners (and linguists) comment on the apparently silent -í at the end of ánaaí. Regional? Some rule? Some rule that applies in some regions? Problem with the audio?

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