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"मेरा दोस्त मेरे घर नहीं आया "

Translation:My friend did not come to my home.

October 26, 2018



its good because in case that friend had the coronavirus, it would have spread to you too :}


My friend did not come to my home?


Why is it मेरे घर and not मेरा घर?


Because मेरा दोस्त मेरा घर नहीं आया would be wrong grammar, when talking about objects ( house is technically an object) people tend to use मेरे with some exceptions to this rule.


Sometimes the Hindi past tense sets the verb's gender to match the object's and other times it matches the verbs gender to the subject's, like in this example. When do I do which? Do I use subject's gender when sentence is intransitive? And object's gender when sentence is transitive?


Whats the difference between nahin aaya tha and nahi aaya?


the rough translation of'tha' is was. They mean the same thing, but nahin aaya tha is a more complete way of saying it, though 'tha' in this context could be just for more emphasis. Hope this helps : )


Tha reaffirms the past tense, in some sense the first is an activity older than second. And also the second is probably just vernacular, not to be used in wrriten forms


"Nahin aaya" would mean "did not come," while "nahin aaya tha" would mean "had not come."


what is incorrect with my friend never came to my house. some one tell me?


the word "never" is not in the sentence. to say "my friend never came to my house" would be "मेरा दोस्त मेरे घर कभी नहीं आया"


How I understand it is it was a plan that the friend comes and he or she did not. She or he could have come to your home another time in the past.


What makes it past tense?


It is past tense as it says "आया" instead of " आ रहा "। आ रहा is present tense.

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