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  5. "I do not remember his face."

"I do not remember his face."

Translation:Nepamatuji si jeho obličej.

October 26, 2018



Hello :) why is it Pamatuju SI, but there are verbs like " hledám SE" ?

cant find the explanation anywhere..


A good explanation is here: https://forum.wordreference.com/threads/jaký-je-rozdíl-mezi-si-a-se.2701515/ Anyway, if the moderators can confirm it, would be great.


Often there is no reason at all. You just have to learn it. You can actually have both here "pamatuji si něco", "pamatuji se na něco".


Can i write "nepamatuji si jeho tvaři" ? (that was marked as a "right but typo"-mistake). But i really don't see why. Either it's correct or not....
I don't see the left tiles now... Is maybe tváři in the wrong form?


It should be tvář, but apparently Duo was feeling generous. Think of it as a gift! :-)

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