Love Hawaiian

I love Hawaiian, Now that my family doesn't know it and normally people don't speak it. It can be my own language!

4 months ago


Personally for me I always thought it was a beautiful language and no others compared. Everyone wants to learn French or Spanish but I just don't think they are "beautiful" in the way Hawaiian is. Everyone has their own opinion of course.

But yeah, I do aspire to one day just break out talking in Hawaiian and confuse people.

4 months ago

Would be awesome for Hawaiian to become normal one day!

4 months ago

Well, it's on its way back to becoming normal, hoopefully... in Hawaii, that is. People are trying their hardest.
Outside of Hawaii, that won't happen.

2 weeks ago

I love Hawaiian as well. The culture, the place, and the people are so beautiful. I hope to live in Hawaii one day. :D

2 months ago
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