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Love Hawaiian

I love Hawaiian, Now that my family doesn't know it and normally people don't speak it. It can be my own language!

October 26, 2018



Personally for me I always thought it was a beautiful language and no others compared. Everyone wants to learn French or Spanish but I just don't think they are "beautiful" in the way Hawaiian is. Everyone has their own opinion of course.

But yeah, I do aspire to one day just break out talking in Hawaiian and confuse people.


Would be awesome for Hawaiian to become normal one day!


Well, it's on its way back to becoming normal, hoopefully... in Hawaii, that is. People are trying their hardest.
Outside of Hawaii, that won't happen.


I love Hawaiian as well. The culture, the place, and the people are so beautiful. I hope to live in Hawaii one day. :D


That would be a lot of fun!!


I would love to go there!!

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