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Bug report: Give correct answer when out of time.

When doing a time test, if time expires during a question, Duolingo never tells you the proper translation for that sentence.

It should.

April 2, 2013



Thanks! Currently, we don't. We're working on something that should clear it up for you, so stay tuned.


Well I haven't been on duolingo in so long. So yeah Idk. :D



Also if you end up with no points (crying owl) it would be good to see ones own entry as well as the correct answer. Sometimes I am convinced that I got the answer correct but have no way of checking, or finding out what I may have done wrong.


I don't feel like I learn much from the timed tests for that reason. I never make the tests on time, and I get fewer points and have less information about what I've done wrong.

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