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Username & Password re-access and print - Account Directory(MYSQL Database access )

I am encountering a problem I haven't had before. When I add students to my classroom, instead of downloading the PDF of logins and passwords, it is going directly to the screen of my classroom and I cannot retrieve login information from there. Is there a way to get it other than the automatically downloaded PDF?

What to make a note to the tech staff, we as teachers need to have another form of access to our student's list, besides going in one by one to retrieve usernames and or reset passwords. Designers give us access to the MYSQL database in order to reprint the current list of students usernames and passwords. Very simple fix and addition for us, you all can give access to this directory and keep us teachers happy using it. I use Duolingo classrooms for almost 400 students in my citywide programs and have ZERO time to relook through emails to see if it sent again or shows up in SPAM etc... quick fix that would keep many of us educators SUPER HAPPY! Thank you and VIVA DUOLINGO :-) #LIOTA

October 26, 2018


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