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"Debajo de la mesa"

Translation:Below the table

April 2, 2013



Does "debajo de la mesa" have the same double meaning as "under the table?" Does it imply something done in secret?


Sí, tiene ambas connotaciones.



English often skirts around a given idea by utilizing many completely different words which have an indirect association of a given idea and occur as facets of it, as it were. Often the core idea does not even have a specific English word and may only be understood by an entire sentence needed to explain it.

Spanish is entirely different. It does not skirt around a given idea by hosting a variety of nuances relative a core idea. Instead, it utilizes the core key word directly and adopts it to all possible situations it applies.

For example, let's take the Spanish word, "duro."

What does duro mean? Duolingo simplies it by using the word, "hard." Whereas in English duro can mean,.hard, tough, harsh, difficult, stiff, severe, hardcore, strong, stale, stern, stubborn, unkind, intensive, adamant, hard-hearted, hard-boiled. Duro means all these total different English words. And they all together, combined, are what duro actual means.

To really understand what duro means at its core beyond the simple idea of its meaning, "hard," it is necessry to crunch all the various possible English translations together in one's mind, then mush them up running them in a blender, as it were, so you get a single flavored soup. Then you will have what the Spanish word means.

Look at the above list. Work out the common idea. You may see that it pertains to.something that cannot be changed. It innately resiststs being alftered in any way. It cannot be transformed. Or effected. And this enduring condition automatically naturally provides a sense of rigidity or firmness. This is what duro means and pertans to. And so the word, duro, can be used in any situation which this fundamental idea concerns. No variety of other words required Duro includes them all.

Many Spanish words work this same way.

English applies a variety of variations on a given theme, Spanish does not, but goes right to the heart of a matter. This is why it is a waste time, energy, and mental power focusing on the many different ways something can be said in English. The focus is best placed on understanding the all encompassing Spanish idea for which there often is no accurate English translation, but only words skirting it

PS:Hope this helps : )


That was a lot of info to take in at once.


That was very helpful. Thank you.


That is the most readable summary of this important point that i have read. Thank you for explaining it so clearly!


Tax evasion today, revolución tomorrow! Way to go DL!


Or the idiom, i can drink you under the table?


The sentence I had just before this was: la reina y el rey beben el vino


Does "debajo la mesa" have the same meaning and is it correct? Or, put another way, is the 'de' necessary or optional?


It's needed, as it is with other positional phrases like "atras de" (behind/in back of).


So anything that is a position needs "de"?


Jan 7, 2015 Spanish has all sorts of prepositions, just like English. Only some of them are compound prepositions. Check this out: http://spanish.about.com/od/prepositions/a/compound_prep.htm

And look here for simple prepositions. http://spanish.about.com/od/prepositions/a/compound_prep.htm

Hope that helps!


Thanks for the links but they are both the same link. Do you mind reposting the link for the simple prepositions?


Here you go: http://spanish.about.com/od/prepositions/a/prepositions.htm

That whole website should be helpful to you. :-)

March 13,2015


Thanks, I really appreciate it! :)


Hola Eloise23, muchas gracias por los sitos web muy útiles


Can't reply to your next comment, but the link there points to the example 'El perro está bajo la mesa.' That isn't helping! :)

I can only assume that Spanish is sometimes as slippery as English.


I see what you mean! Definitely, it can be slippery! These words for under do overlap somewhat. With some further searching, here's another extensive discussion: https://spanish.stackexchange.com/questions/16650/what-is-the-difference-between-abajo-debajo-and-bajo

I think my strategy will be to use them the best I can, and allow the Spanish locals to correct me. :-)


Isn't this a preposition? I'm a bit confused with it's placement in "Adverbs"...


Underneath is said to be both a preposition and an adverb in English so the confusion isn't just in Spanish. Underneath is almost always a preposition in English except in some fairly contrived sentences that only make sense if you know the context. Example: "He ducked underneath." There are several other words in this "adverb" grouping that are also potential prepositions so it's probably best to leave that discussion to the grammar police and just learn how to use the words.


The only preposition is "de"; "debajo" is an adverb.


The immanent Roman gramarian Servius once observed that, Omnia pars orationis migrat in adverbium -All parts of speech become adverbs.

In the case of prepositional phrases, they can frequently be used to modify the sense of a verb. Just think how the addition of this phrase 'debajo de la mesa' changes the sense of the verb in the sentance 'Ellos pagan'.


Hey, that's where I usually keep my pig!


"Debajo de la mesa" also means off the books.


lo mismo en inglés. He was paid under the table. (no taxes withheld)


What is wrong with bajo de la mesa


«Bajo de» is wrong. «Bajo la mesa» is correct but it can mean I lower the table too. It's better to stick with «debajo de».


Bajo means "low" or "short", so saying "low of the table" doesn't make sense.

Debajo means underneath or below, and it comes along with "de"


The prepositions lesson taught us that bajo means "under" too. Why doesn't that work here?


In my opinion, Spanish is like a kind of klay, they ad something on a basic word and it becomes another word, bajo=low DEbajo=underneath besar=kiss besame=kiss me in Spanish they do this frequently poner=to put ponerse=to put on pontelo=put it on I hope it helps


But a few lessons earlier there was a sentence "¿Qué tienes bajo la camisa?" And the translation was "What do you have under the shirt?"



"under the table" was accepted


So what's the difference between "bajo" and "debajo"?


I recall just "bajo" being used for under.... could you also use just "bajo" instead of "debajo" in this sentence?


would 'abajo de la mesa" also work?


Oct 23, 2015 - Thank you! I hadn't realized that I was confusing those!

From a Spaniard:

Bajo - influence. It is under drug effects.

Abajo - direction. To demolish the building - to take it down.

Debajo (de) - position. It is below the picture.


So, to answer your question, 'abajo de la mesa' does not work.


How about "Bajo la mesa"?


Does "debajo" and "bajo" have the same meaning?


Can you say Below the desk?


Desk is escritorio.


Why there is a "De" usage here ?


"Debajo de" is a fixed phrase in spanish


"Debajo de la mesa" ...comó se dice "if you know what I mean"


so "sobre" and "Debajo" mean the same thing?


"Sobre" = on top of, relating to, above

"Debajo" = underneath, beneath

March 30, 2015


I wasn't sure how to say this to i pushed the record button and played the recording....and it worked. Loophole!


Under the table is correct??


"Por debajo de la mesa Acaricio tu rodilla..." ;D


Why is "under the table" incorrect?


Under the table makes more sense.


2017 October 2: Under the table was considered correct for me.


Is "bajo de la mesa" correct too?


Five times this told me i was typing in English when I wasn't


Are baja and debajo used differently/are the cognates?


They are not the same, as noted by someone else earlier in this thread. However, the prepositional phrase debajo de can be used the same way as the preposition bajo.

See the last item in this RAE entry


Dedajo de la mesa does it means a bribery?


typed in blow the table...


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I have reported several times about being cut off before I have finished typing and given a wrong answer and nothing is being done about it. Does anyone realize how frustrating this is or is it just me?????????


Hasn't happened to me.

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